Comic 171 - Bumping Chitin
8th Feb 2013, 12:31 AM in Star
Bumping Chitin
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BTW, I've put up some very basic stuff in an RPG extras page.
User comments:
I like this page. I knew Jagi gave her his info back on Page 134.
Well, one more swing at it...

(One stealth shuttle left!)
Now THIS is the ultimate fangirl's fantasy. Unlike Shark, she's not super-famous.
Oh, I dunno. Her body is pretty nice. And since she is a fangirl, you have a great excuse to ask her to wear a mask. Ya' know for "cosplaying". :)
The guy with six eyes and bricks stapled to his face doesn't really consider her face to be ugly.
Its always hard trying to be the cautious one in an adventuring party.
Is it funny I was gonna ask on the last page how long until we got to see Jagi get laid? I wish I was that fangirl. >3>
Heheh, black and white. It'd be a high-contrast scene.
With apologies to View, I just couldn't get this out of my head:

Dragon King, the redheaded Poison Monkey
had some bitching cornrows.
And if you ever saw them,
you could bask in the ruddy glows.

All of the other Poison Monkeys
used to ignore him and call him names.
They never let poor Dragon King
join in any naked games.

Then one foggy night
Iri came to say:
"Dragon King with your cornrows so bright,
won't you be one of my man ho's tonight?"

Then all the Poison Monkeys loved him
as they shouted out with glee,
Dragon King the redheaded Poison Monkey,
this orgy will go down in history!
I don't accept your apologyyyyy...

Okay, I guess I will. Because it's you.
Thanks, my sense of humor tends to be a little... odd. I was probably dropped on my head too much as a child.
Well, if you were, nothing of importance seems broken .. I quite enjoyed that little poem. :)
The last two verses killed me. Nicely done ;)

Took me till the end of the first verse to pick up that it was to the tune of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
i really like this page, View. well done
Guess its out of the question for Jagi to do it with the lights off
I hate when people knock on the door, while they're opening it. Kind of defeats the purpose of knocking, imo.
Hmm... Only one couple left, Rhythm Riot and Pinkie. And with Pinkies injuries... I wonder if Riot is playing "nurse". :)

Also, anyone else wondering how much of this will make it into her next fanfiction? Would it even be a fanFICTION anymore? lol. "Dear Penthouse, I never thought this could happen to me..."
If the first panel on this page is to be considered, Rythm and Dragon are probably friends with benefits.

Ofcourse, that leaves Ayata ...
Ya, I was thinking of that panel when I wrote the comment. But as far as Ayata, she has not really shown much interest in sex so far, so I was not considering her. *Cough*... Actually I kinda forgot about her. :P

Still, I wouldn't mind seeing Ayata, Pinkie, and Riot in a threesome. But I would be very surprised if View suddenly dumped a randy Ayata on us out of the blue. More likely Ayata is doing something fairly innocent at the moment. Although, catching her playing voyeur would be pretty funny. Maybe have her in the ships security/control room watching all the couples.
Mind you we know nothing about Ayata's culture. So really it is possible random threesomes are normal. Unlikely but possible.
True, we know nothing about how Mini Giraffes do courtship, or even how they have sex, and what importance they apply to it.

Nor do we know how they fight, which I also find interesting, because they were certainly ready to rise up against Unity - Who knows, maybe they're totally badass ? Like, shooting lasers from their eyes or something.
Kid... You're are arguing with someone who sees the future. I don't know if you have the equivilant of Greek mythology, but THIS NEVER ENDS WELL.
Aarrrrrgh. I lost the whole next page in an extended power outage. Power still unreliable. NO COMIC FOR YOU.
Damn. Sorry to hear that View. I know how frustrating that kind of situation is.
Sorry to hear that, hope they get things straightened out
Noooooo ... my daily fix ... I needed it !!

btw, a power outage ?
That's rather unusual in the western world - What has happened ?
Hmm, Jagi seems to have a little bit of a sadistic streak in him. Continuing with things even though his partner didn't want to be watched.
That Katy Perry "Extraterrestrial" song popped into my head while I read this page. Probably because at the moment I can't think of another song about intergalactic sex that isn't sung by Voltaire. What mood music would Jagi be playing during this scene?