Comic 170 - Party Time
6th Feb 2013, 11:42 PM in Star
Party Time
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Here, have some boobs.
User comments:
How much do you want to be he's complaining about being left out in the last panel?
Without a doubt.

Probably repeating Iri's line to him about not being into beefcakes, then mumbling about having to bodyguard a guy in a threesome with Iri and the actress who play's Iri in the movies.
Just no appreciation!

(Shark was wearing contacts it seems. Blue is beautiful!)
You mean her hair isn't naturally that awesome color? I was really hoping it was for more than just blue eyebrows
Dang, I can't believe I didn't catch her dyed eyebrows.

But if the newsreporters gets their hands on some surveilance videos of Iri blocking bullets, we might soon see the need for more disguises and hairdye!
Offcourse, Iri is probably using her powers to avoid the rabid newsies. :D
Hmmm ... eight invading ships or .. boobs?

Easy choice !
Actually, Iri blowing up eight ships is like, nothing. A threesome with a fan boy, a fan girl-who also plays you- will you watch her in the movie that was produced by him about yourself is a rare narcissistic treat that must be cherished.
Huh. That is actually a really cool observation, I had forgotten about some of that. Makes this scene even more interesting.
he he, true ... Iri is rather being the center everything is revolving around right now.
"Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?"
Next is a lucky Poison Monkey. Not only does he get to have sex with the real Iri, but also the movie Iri. Fu fu fu
Next might be a bit darker than Iri, but not as dark as Shark. I'm guessing a bit like a relatively light skinned middle easterner might be.

It wasn't very obvious when Next and Iri met because Iri was all covered up in bruises.
Actually, Iri was supposed to be pretty dark, but my monitor was misconfigured and it turns out she was quite pale. So basically every Poison Monkey is going to be darker than Iri's accidental paleness.
Ah well, we can always blame her tendency to skulk around in shady places at nighttime - To finish it, maybe she just needs to put on womens clothing, and hang around in bars. XD