Comic 17 - First Time
30th Jul 2012, 9:51 PM in Crash
First Time
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Struggling to find good pacing.
User comments:
It's a struggle because there's so many aspects I haven't really got a good handle on.
Enlighten an uninformed old commenteer.*
When you reference 'pacing', do you refer to the rate you advance the plot? Or, the content and placement of individual panels? Or, rhythm of action vs exposition? Or, how often you post a new page? Or, more likely, some arcane factor which only the truly creative are privy to!

*(If you are so inclined and kind to.)
I like the texture you put in the colour on this page. It looks very much like a water colour painting. It's beautiful.

Iri's hair looks off though. Everything else in the panels has gradients and texture, but her hair is a solid colour with just has a couple dabs of dark and light. If you were serious about Iri having "muppet" hair (in other words, it looking like yarn or dreadlocks) It could greatly benefit from getting some texture in there, also perhaps a couple lines to show thickness of the hair in addition to the dots at the bottom.

Anyway, that is my only gripe. The page looks fantastic. In fact, is there any chance of getting the bottom panel as a larger stand alone for a desktop background?

I am also REALLY enjoying Ayeta's wardrobe in a Zero gravity enviroment. *Cough* And not just for the breasts, I swear! The hood looks great too!
Good idea!

I've also put your requests in the extras page. Don't know why you want it, but it's available in original sizes. If you have a specific desktop to fit, I guess maybe you should stretch it or squish it or something. It's not really meant to be viewed at full size.

I did NMG in twice the resolution of these pages, but it was too much resolution.
That's gonna be explained later, but basically all the aliens have the same ancestor. This is a "pollinated the galaxy" galaxy, not a "independent evolution" galaxy.
Ah, The Ancient Progenitailors were genetic engineers designing the Races to fit existing environments.
Is hybridization a possibility and/or problem?
Aww, first anthropomorphic robots, now anthropomorphic aliens. I'd like to see your skill at creative design and body language applied to an intelligent, non-humanoid species someday, organic or otherwise.
That sounds like it would be a very good idea, so I'm going to have to pass.
Do what you must! I'll continue reading regardless. Your humanoids are unusual too.
Oh wow, that texture in her hair makes a world a difference. Looks great!

And thanks for the desktop. I was due for a new one and this will look great for a while. :)

I will likely be asking for some more in the future if you keep making great panels like today's!
The awe of a planet from space. Like when the Apollo astronauts came around the dark side of the moon in their capsuleand saw the "sunrise". Probably one of the greatest sights out there.
@Sebine: FYI, view discussed the background (Page 7, A.N.) to your question. Seems rather complex to my antique brain!
Her reaction is awesome :D obviously to red this is old hat.. :D
I love the loose, open linework. I have to disagree about the hair texture actually makes the hair look more like a flat shape. Maybe a single large shadow and a single large hilight with wavy edges...?
Eh, that's how I originally had it. Maybe instead of a solid edge, I'll do more linework.
Simply adore this page. Moments like this make the comic sparkle.