Comic 169 - Sing the Doom Song Now
6th Feb 2013, 1:29 AM in Star
Sing the Doom Song Now
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Author Notes:
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This page really took a long time.
User comments:
Indeed, even Swordy Sword is curved !

Which makes me think, could she make it curved, or must it be straight ?
There's one string left on the splitter I think. :)
Now he just have to ingratiate himself, though Shark doesn't seem too happy about him being there.
Oh gods yes! Naked Iri, Shark, and Next? I love this page.
Shark is the luckiest Iri-fan ever ... first she gets to play her idol, then she gets to go on a (small admittedly) exciting adventure with her, and now she's having some good ol' lovin' with her !

Luckiest fan-girl - EVER - !
Shark is an incredibly wealthy, popular actress. She's a fangirl, sure, but it's sort of like if Harrison Ford was a fanboy of somebody.
The universe would implode if Harrison Ford hung out with the real Han Solo, much less had a threesome with Leia.
Damn, Next. Damn. Never hurts to be in high places, does it?
Aw, the bed isn't *that* tall ... it's big though, plenty fo room for one more. :)
Haha, I nearly fell off my chair when reading the first Doom line.

Then I got back up and-- hey, nearly-naked PMs!
Ah dang, I missed the Doom reference.
Pretty cool though. :)
How many references have you managed to put in that didn't get noticed ?
It's been a dry spot recently, but this one was more blatant than most.
Ah well, it's a pulp story .. and pulp stories do whatever pulp stories wants to do.

They're like Pinocchio, they have no restraints ! :)
To be honest, I thought Pinkie was referencing Boris in Goldeneye last page. But ...not word-per-word, as Boris says I am invincible, and minus the part where he dies immediately after.
"This page really took a long time."
It seems to be taking me a long time to read it. Or at least I've been staring at the page for a long time. Oh look, there's words, too!
huh the flatscreen is tilted back, that makes it harder to see from a de-elevated position. You would think the bed would be higher or the screen lower with a tilt like that.

also yay tities
Wait, that's not a hologram screen tilted to leave room for the pop out?
You are big! That means you have big guts! Rip and tear!

Swordy-sword! The great communicator!