Comic 168 - I Have no Rivals
4th Feb 2013, 10:55 PM in Star
I Have no Rivals
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"So, um, you expect us to believe you were stupid enough to bomb your planet with atomic weapons until it was an irradiated husk?"

"UH, yup."
User comments:
Somehow I doubt that Iri arranged it so that he would win the lottery, too... xD
Mmmm... This *is* Iri we are talking about here. So I would actually propose that, in fact, she WOULD do something that silly.

Although, now that I think about it, a lottery ticket would not exactly be her style. More likely would be arranging for something to smash open an ATM, or tip over an armoured car.
At some point, coincidence becomes fate! Let the dice roll!
Pinkie must be thinking right now that he's a Prince of the Universe.
ah dang .. you utter bastard .. now I have to go watch that part of highlander again.
.. like a shotgun to the groin.

On a sidenote :
He sure got over that poisons fast, I reckon PM adrenaline is pretty badass.
Heh. Pinkie is quickly climbing my list of favourite characters of this comic.

While he may be immortal, he is clearly not invulnerable. As his right hand appears quite mangled. Possibly from firing the gun?
Yeah. It's not built for people who weigh less than 300 kilograms.
I see he's cradling his hand in the 4th panel too .. making sure they set proper ?
I like this one better than Cheer or NMtG!
Never expected to hear that. Well, it's gonna be kinda porny for the next few pages, so it's gonna feel more like those soon.
Both were quite good, but this is like doing lines of Awesome while riding on the back of a dragon. Porny is ok, but I kinda burned myself out on that several years ago. Thats how I know how sick you can get of doing porn.
"Well actually we nuked the planet to weed out the weak. Also it made for a REALLY bad ass post-apocalyptic nuclear war survivor period!"
Seriously though, I'm pretty sure poison monkey mad max was a real person in their history.
Hell, "Mad Max" is a pretty standard PM name. It's like "Joe Smith".
Instead of labelling unknown corpses as "John Doe's", poison monkeys label theirs as "Mad Max's". :)
As in, a "John Doe" is any random race, and a "Mad Max" is a dead poison monkey that hasn't been identified yet.

If Iri ever dies, she'll be labelled "Tina Turner", just for fun. XD
Definitely. They're actually doing really well.

It's amazing how much finding out that you have a hundred trillion strangers threatening you will unify you.
Now there is a time honored concept!

We <tCaI>* trust you are feeling much better!

*(the Cats and I)
It scares away the common cold virus and gives you med-cred!*

*(Like street-cred)
Hey, that means there's over a hundred trillions strangers you can nuke, too!
Is the red stuff various gibs and viscera of the assassin, or molten masonry?
I seriously wonde how do those betting things work with psychers around (albeit they seem pretty rare, if a planet with a few billions people hanging out only has an handful). I mean, for one of them, it would be relatively easy to have a good chance to win, even by proxy.
Psychers must be registered, and aren't allowed to gamble. If you do any significant amount of winning at gambling, they'll check and see if you're a psycher.

It's more or less like any other form of cheating.
Are Psychers given any "extra" rights ?

Like, would a Psycher have a special parking space at the mall ?
Would a Psycher have a better chance at picking up that really hot chick over there ?
Would a psycher have equally good chances with sentient beings as with the poultry ?

.. so many questions, so little time ! :D
Well, but doing it by proxy would still be doable, given that there are no other psychers around. It would be easy to create a non-suspicious situation. Like, say, telling someone to buy 100 tickets roll of a lottery somewhere for 5 credits each(which is something many addicts are bound to do), resulting in a 100.000 credits win from a secondary prize of a lottery where the main one is 5.000.000.

It's doubtful they would even check, most such prizes in lotteries even go unclaimed. I mean, one thing is cheating, another one is being blatant about it and trying to get yourself caught.

Also, I bet psychers make wonderful interrogators, as they can extort information via torture... without actually using torture. Funny how that works, isn't it?