Comic 166 - Couch
1st Feb 2013, 10:59 PM in Star
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I had high hopes for this page, but it was really rough trying to show what was happening.
User comments:
I love it when a plan comes together.
It was mostly Iri. I guess I didn't make it as clear as I'd hoped.
All the same the discharge throws pinkie into the wall!
Oh so it wasn't a mistake on the last page that he was heading towards the wall not over it. Nice touch.
'A couch in time!'
That's the same damage Iri inflicted previously with Swordy-sword Comic 149!
Did the parapet collapse from the force of being struck by the body or did that elephant cannon discharge again?
Still, it's mostly driven by hollywood physics and pencil genetics.

But I have to say, it nicely showcases just how good Iri is at predicting the future. :)
... This also made me think "I love it when a plan comes together". I guess the A team is equally imprinted on my consciousness?

Anyway, I really like how you wove together little bits throughout the story here, this really does a great job in being action packed as well as showing how super rad Iri is, without her even being there!
Blink blink. Page is pretty damned clear. And yet I don't actually see a way for Iri to get credit for saving this guys butt.
With Shark as her witness, she has nicely returned his favor from earlier when she asked for some soldiers.
Considering she needed the soldiers for a favor she was doing for him in the first place, eh.
1) Iri had Pinkie get the extremely powerful gub from the unnamed Baramik Pycher on Page 142.

2) Iri slashes the walls of the building, weakening them enough to collapse when Pinkie hits them on Page 149.

3) Iri moved the couch to cushion Pinkies fall on Page 151

There might be a fourth event I am missing somewhere, but those 3 are enough in my mind to give Iri some credit for saving pinkies butt. lol.
If he dosnt die of the toxin, that is.
Very true. But I would be surprised that Iri would go through all this effort and then let him die from some poison.
I am betting that either poison monkeys can shrug off doses of neurotoxin, or Iri(or someone) is waiting around the corner with an antidote.

Of course, this could also be a good time for View to show us that Iri's view of the future is flawed, and did not see the neurotoxin, and have Pinkie die. But that would be downright evil, so lets hope that does not happen.
View is also always honest and only tell truth !

... just .. not all of it.
Measure the Measure.
What you get, you should treasure,

The Plot flies upward!

<hi koo!>^~o^<!
Looks more like it flies into an old couch, if you ask me. :D