Comic 164 - Ships in the Dark
30th Jan 2013, 10:41 PM in Star
Ships in the Dark
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User comments:
Ooh, glowing patterns on the arms. Very cool. Must make it kinda hard to sneak around with it exposed like that, though.
Yup, that billowing cloak seemed like a good idea when you left the house, didn't it? Didn't expect to have to make a quick draw, did you? Next time you'll know.
The guy in the cape could be .. Pinkie ?

Also - Silenced Gub FTW ! :D
It could be a silenced gub, or it could be an air powered dart gub. My money is on dart gub ATM.
And yet, the cloak looks cheap enough that one wouldn't mind shooting through it. It would also be good for concealment. :)