Comic 163 - Dark Roof
29th Jan 2013, 10:44 PM in Star
Dark Roof
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Author Notes:
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Ah! We're outside again!

I did actually develop some RPG rules, because you guys seemed kinda curious. Anyone interested in seeing them?
User comments:
Ooooh, is there a guy hiding behind that water tower thingy?
Sure looks like it. And that is some sort of massive exhaust vent, not a water holding tank.
Did someone say inexplicable steam pipes?
I thought I heard someone say inexplicable steam pipes.
If it contains any more info about the universe I would love to read it.
I sort of figured there would be some rpg rules with the way you wrote up the race descriptions. Would love to see them.

Guessing that posting everyone's character sheets would be spoileriffic though.
There's some kind of sneakiness going on around here! I like how you build tension into your story!
Ehhh, I guess a few paintings on the walls, and a couple sculptures, wouldn't hurt. But Iri never struck me as much of a connoisseur of the fine arts. Unless you had her fight in a museum...
He probably meant nekkid people ... y'know, some beefcake.