Comic 162 - Pink Elephant
28th Jan 2013, 11:49 PM in Star
Pink Elephant
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I was trying to do something kinda complicated with this page. Hope it scans okay.
User comments:
Heh, "Gotta play nice with the movie industry" ... as if they are more dangerous than a unity fleet. :D
And mayhaps Iri has cloaked the world in propability shadows because other psychers cannot see trough them, but she can ? (ie. she has better clarity of vision)
It would make sense then. :)

Also .. experimenting with gradients ?
Hrm, I'm curious what this "kinda complicated" thing is.
I mean, the page looks fine and all, but not that different from other pages.

On a sidenote - Beige shirts with brown ties ? Daaamn. Poor guys, someone hate them higher up in the food chain.
The scene seems clear to me and I'm not particularly perceptive at the moment.
Mmmm, the build-up is delicious. But I can't decide what to hope for.
a) massive explosion filled epic battle
b) hilarious anti-climax...

'course, it will probably end up as "none of the above" :P
At the cinema, with a movie running in the background, showing an Epic Battle(tm) !

That way we'd have it all. :D