Comic 161 - Hi!
27th Jan 2013, 8:31 PM in Star
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It was something about being respectable or something? I don't really know how to do respectable. Is it related to having a pocket bat?

It is, right?
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OK, I see what has happened, but I don't understand how Iri connected her blue grease to enemy forces that were not even in system yet.
She just happened to be checking the future and saw a wonderful chance to taunt an enemy?
I suspect she's taunting him, so he will come to the "goreward gapitol" that she is on, and give "the blue grease" some problems so she can work uninterrupted.
After all, the more the enemies are fighting, the better for Iri - Meanwhile she'll hide in the propability shadows.

Sidenote : Buttstallion says "hi". :)
View, your expressions are always amazing and perfect. :D

Also, there is truly nothing more respectable than a pocket bat.
I have known many pocket bats of respectable size and girth .. so I'm sure View is onto something there. :)
It occurs to me now to wonder about more of the details of galactic politics.

My understanding is the SF and Unity are each confederations of individual governments - though I'm not sure you actually said that - and my impression is Unity is probably a more centralized authority than the SF.

And.. they're kind of in conflict, but I guess they aren't actually at war at this point? I guess mostly I was surprised that Kax could just cruise into what I thought was a SF political hub. But thinking back you haven't said it was a hot war, so I suppose it makes sense.
I think it was also mentioned that Unity had some very good cybernetics, that could turn the tide of a war.

so, yeah, it does sound like it's a sort of Cold War, maybe by proxy too.