Comic 160 - Intense
26th Jan 2013, 12:26 AM in Star
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Author Notes:
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Why did I tackle a nine-panel page when sick? Bluh.

Anyway, done with exposition.
User comments:
Now THAT's the look I'd expect Iri to have. Although no one else seems pleased to see it... And probably for good reason.
Iri, I don't like the space DMV as much as the next guy but that doesn't me you have be murderous about it. Seriously though that is a scary face in the last panel.
View i hope you feel better soon and if it makes you feel better, your comic makes my day a little bit more bearable. Being an AIT soldier sucks and you make it suck less. Thanks bro/chicka/flying spaghetti monster..
Still have to do a portrait... BLARGH... Sunday, maybe.
so this mean i get a whole new avatar? sweeeeeet
You have your portrait! You're just not very good at using it!
I'm.... not sure what to think of the last couple panels. I think I'm a little scared.
Awh. I hope your recovery starts soon and you feel better! Very nice pages all, though. I love the expressions in today's. :)
*rubs hand together in glee*
Ahahahahah! I sense some fun a-coming! If that expression in the final panel is anything to go by. I look forward to the mayham. In fact, it reminds me of her expression in the last panel of page 3, just before she crashes into the lake. I think this unnaturally wide grin of Iri's is my favourite of all her expressions.

I like the added touch of the faces peering out of the car windows.
Next thing you know, she makes an insanely convoluted plan that reaches FAR into the future, ending the entire thing in a climatic event that somehow involves the couch.

All the while, Iri standing and cackling in glee.