Comic 16 - Switch
29th Jul 2012, 7:31 PM in Crash
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Author Notes:
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I hope this page is clear.

Gotta get used to drawing that big buy and settle on something.
User comments:
Ha! Douche.
Ah, Iri... I think she is my favourite character of yours so far View.
I'm surprised Iri's bringing her along. Unless they already know each other. She doesn't look like she should head for the troublemaker path though.
Explaining that is pretty much the point of this chapter.
Ah. Well alright then! I either am intuitive or good at grasping the obvious. Or maybe both. I feel proud for once either way.
Maybe Ms. Lake is helping Ayata get to the Star Federation to ask for assistance.
In that case Stoopers # 1&2 are lucky they didn't get sent back to Fleet for debriefing!
Just "coughed, Sir"... And didn't even turn their heads!
When the translators are going, do you know you are hearing another language or is it as natural as it can sound?
It's not so much that they survived her, as they avoided her.

But he doesn't have to know that. :)
Uh, it kinda looks like those two were Iridium and the alien chick in disguise.
I dunno, it kind of seems like Commander Kax never let these two troopers leave -- he ignored their request and told the shuttle to head back, with Iridium and her companion simply sneaking on board. That's how I interpret it, anyway. :P

These two troopers seem to be the relatively genre-savvy ones from the prison cell earlier, so it's easy to believe they just hid somewhere out of the way as soon as the security alarms started going off. :P
Not so much as "survived" as "heard her plans to break out and hid in a broom closet." Ladies and gentlemen, we have here the smartest troopers on the planet. I feel they'll go far, either being promoted by default when no one else survives, or by selling surplus weapons and supplies to the natives.