Comic 159 - Crispy Futures
24th Jan 2013, 11:46 PM in Star
Crispy Futures
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Alllmost done with exposition.
User comments:
She may not be a Psycher, but she's still a main character !

That said, her concern is adorable. :)
If Ayata ruled the Universe it would be a much nicer place!
Oh yeah, no doubt about that.

There would also be more fountains for her to play with. :)
I love Iri's hair today, especially in panel 2.

I also like the foggy background effect in panel 3.

And I agree that Ayata is awesome and adorable, again. lol.

To be honest, I am kinda starting to worry about the other shoe dropping. Ayata has just been so cute and adorable so far, that I am starting to worry she might just suddenly grow fangs and bite someone head clear off. But that is just crazy, right?
Well, her planet sent her rather than someone else...
How do her people fight anyway? You have shown that in at least some respects her species are rather physically weak, nor did she know what a gun was. Yet her people put up an effective enough resistance against armed and armoured unity troops to require an orbital bombardment to subdue them.
Where does it show Ayata as physically weak?

I know that Jagi and Iri carried the packs on the earlier planet "because they are built for it." But her jump on the ship where she hit her head on the roof shows she has at least a reasonable strength for her size.

Then again that could just be low grav and a small mass.

Edit: Yeah, I forgot about not being able to lift the gun.
Hmm, so much like a Poison Monkey, they are far nastier than they look?
For discussion reference...

Ayata mentioning the orbital bombardment.

Ayata Walking on leaves.

Iri picking up Ayata in one arm and jumping with no apparent difficulty.

Ayata shooting out of the water like a dolphin.

Here is Ayata having trouble picking up a Gun.

Anyone know what page explicitly talks about Ayatas empathic abilities?
Well, we do know they are exceptional swimmers, and that she is, in fact, able to drag another person of Iri's mass at significant speed, and in general they seem to be able to achieve significant velocity. If they can breath underwater, I'm pretty sure they could fare very well in underwater guerrilla, and I doubt most of the other species do well underwater, especially those boggled down by machine implants. For example, the slabheads are formidable soldiers, but how would that work out when even a monster like Kax seemed to go down like a brick. Now imagine using a conventional weapon like a spear while swimming at 30-40mph.
Yeah, I figured that a whale race would be most suited for that kind of warfare.
...last panel, well that's not a huge elephant in the room. at least we know what the couch was for. sorry had to point it out since nobody else was and it was really niggling at the back of my head