Comic 158 - Expositionade
23rd Jan 2013, 11:33 PM in Star
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Iri actually looks frazzled. I was starting to think we'd never see that kind of face on her. Although even then, you can see little fangs...
Nothing like almost dying to set things in perspective.

Also, awesome hair, is awesome. :)
I'm 99% sure she has some kind of fear of getting shot since that one time.
Yeah, that was kinda what I was thinking of .. but I was too lazy to chase down a link. XD
First you're up,
Then you're down...*

*(Then you head back up.
Hope you are feeling better soon!)
That's an awesome reaction from her, great writing!
Very Interesting, it's nice to see that kinda of trope avoidance.
Well, I've been hinting at it. Hunters travel with soldiers, normally, because hunters don't have any particular bullet immunity.
So that's how her reputation has spread ?
All those soldiers have been telling tall tales !

Offcourse, once Shark relates her adventures to her friends - Her film producer will have her blocking bullets left and right in the next Iri movie, just you wait and see. :D
Funny how she seems to convince even mercenaries she has that blowing up carriers is what they should be getting up to.

They don't just spread rumors, they seem inclined to add to them as well and of course I'm betting as far as most people are concerned Iri downed that carrier :P
While it is possible she convinced the mercenaries to blow up the carrier. I always assumed it was more along the lines of the only mercenaries that would sign up with her would be the type that is crazy enough to do that on their own. 'sides, they all died in the attempt and can not spread any rumours about it. Iri gets all the credit by virtue of being the only survivor.

And yea, I can totally see bullet blocking in the next film.
They probably did it because they thought it would look cool. :D
Evaporated that bullet right in front of her face. Metal fume fever sucks, so hope she didn't breathe any of it.
I think its even more cool that she didn't mean to do it.
Metal fume Feaver would be the least of her worries if
she smokes radioactive cigarettes, and lives on an irradated