Comic 157 - Bullet Time
23rd Jan 2013, 12:34 AM in Star
Bullet Time
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I can't stand these pages. Probably because I have the fluuuuuuu.
User comments:
Every single person in Panel 5: "Holy shit. Did she just do that?"
Blue dude might be more freaked that she's obviously the real deal.
Yes, yes she did.

She just cut her own eyes out.
But she looked cool while doing it! XD
Why do they call it the flu when the last thing you can do is fly!

Healing white light to you and heal soon!!!
If I was feeling my oats, I'd make it clearer that it's pockets. You can make any kind of pocket in any kind of shape. It's the fuuuuuuuture!


It's not lazyness at aaaaaallllllll!
I hoped it was clear that Ayata and Dragon were at the end of the street, and ran over here.
Still, she must have moved pretty fast to catch up to her between Face-Punch-Time and Gub-Grab-Time.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, I enjoy having Ayata around. :)
Comic looks good, really like the effects.
Hope you feel better soon View.
I am rather surprised by Ayatas surprise. At this point, is this even that high up the 'crazy shit Iri does' list? lol. It does make for a great reaction shot though. And the blue guys eyes bulging with terror as he flees in the final panel is great too. :)

Also, I LOVE panel 4. The sword blocking out her eyes, the fantastic smile, cool hair. All around awesome.

Hope you feel better soon View.
Hes going to leave the bit where he wets himself out of the retelling, right?