Comic 156 - Rocket Punch!
21st Jan 2013, 6:08 PM in Star
Rocket Punch!
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Hurg. Not a fan of this page.
User comments:
Hitting on Iri is dangerous for your health.

Also, I like how Shark calls Ayata "that lady".
It's a bit difficult to see who "that lady" is, but I agree, it does look a bit like Ayata.

Also, Iri is doing the hitting here, thank-you-very-much. XD
I think it looks a lot like Ayata, and Dragon King. 'Course, there is always a chance that it could be a mental projection from the hidden psycher to lure Iri.
Dat Shark butt.

That dude just got knocked the fuck out. He should have taken the hint that they were done socializing.
Cool new Salu Salu icon! I went back to see what I had said and saw the Salu Salu page is gone entirely.

I think it was something about a shiny emerald green Male Salu Salu to fit my personality but women are always relevant too.
Happy to redraw it if you have a specific request. I was just guessing.
Male Spacer Salu Salu. Preferable skin color would be emerald green. A wise young man who has been around the galaxy and seen some things.

Yeah that sounds good for a basic description. If I sat here long enough I could come up with a full character bio. Then I remember it's just for an Avatar sketch lol
Hard to get?

I thought she was playing ball, since she knocked that one outta the park!
Forced perspective is always tough, but gives interesting and dramatic results. I'm sure that's why Escher love it so...

A good use in the surreal muddied 'in-between reality" psycher battle space.

I bet Iri primed the blue slob to follow with her comment deliberately to distort reality with a single blow...
I don't think he's getting back up after a sonic punch like that
I actually want to know the kg/cm^2 behind that punch. DAMN that looks like it hurt.
Falcon PUNCH! Ooooo, that has got to hurt.

Love the bloodspurt, and the speedlines on Iri's hand. And Sharks derrier.

What don't you like about this page? The scene as a whole, or specific elements?
All right, but I think the final panel more than makes up for it. No need to be down on the whole page. :)
I donno, panel 2 has iri's dots-for-eyes, which is a nice touch.
So now seems as appropriate a time to ask as any, what's the civilized world's stance on assault and self defense?

Iri has been pretty much beyond the reach of the law in the places she's been up until now, so how much trouble could she get into if she get's rough with folks? Especially since Next is trying to use her past heroics as a tool to re-brand the species.
The Space Federation has a much more complex system of laws and penalties than our world. What Iri has done is something which would get her in some trouble, but probably not the sort that would require a lawyer.

Of course, just like the vast majority of laws, it all depends on how hard the victim wants to push it. In this case, he probably doesn't want to take it in for arbitration at all.
It probably helps that their medical science could probably fix almost any damage received from fisticuffs.

Once there's no damage, there's not a lot to be angry about anymore.
On the plus side, he could probably milk this for free drinks for life, as he tells the story of how he got hit by THE Iridium Lake, and lived to tell the tale.
Hopefully he gets to improve his own part in the story soon - So far his story hasn't been the most impressive.
Big enough to get him nookie for life? Either way, sounds like something to look forward to!