Comic 155 - Outta here
20th Jan 2013, 8:13 PM in Star
Outta here
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I couldn't remember what the hell Phuji asked for, but it involved women, so I made this: image

Jst56's icon is image
User comments:
Well it might be something like it.
If these guys are smart though, they'll just let it slide!
That might help keep things loose and free. They might even slip in as escorts to the damsels.
Even if they are smart ebough, they are also drunk enough to not make use of those smarts.

I predict : Stupidity incoming.
If they are lubricated enough, maybe the consequences will slip by them...
Yay for space-racism and mindless repetition of space legends!

They totally are girl, the friend of the lover of my aunt's cousin deciphered their genome and found the exact place where it happened!
Hey, I'd rather be spliced in on purpose than just some random evolutionary accident! (or at least, that would be my come-back, right there)
It's fun reading these events and seeing if they match up with anything in the image bubbles on the timeline!