Comic 154 - Beer Beer
19th Jan 2013, 12:10 AM in Star
Beer Beer
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Beer brand beer. That's my brand!
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Almost a month without a computer... well i'm back, looking better than ever view, also genefreaks.
These have got to be the luckiest 2 guys in the Galaxy. On Naragog, in a bar, drinking with THE Iridium Lake and the actress who plays Iridium Lake in the movies. Yet they are so oblivious they think they are just another two fangirls. Gods, I wanna just walk up and smack them both...

Which btw did you ever say what her Surname was? Was she Shark Lake?
I just noticed that Shark has lost all the Teal her hair had on the first page.

Then I went back and realized that she only had that much teal for one page and has been mostly white every page since then yet I still only just noticed it.
I did, the lighter version isn't bad but I think I prefer the teal.
I did like the short-cut teal hair and magenta lips/lipstick. It was unique and distinguishable. Similar to the way that Iri is Orange, Rhythm is Purple, and Next is dark blue.

Panel 2 is definitely charming. Iri's full green eyes mid burp and for some reason Shark being fed a beer is adorable.
Ah ha! I figured it out! It took me a while of looking at panel 2 to realize what my brain was seeing that my eyes were not immediately noticing.

I think it may be a possibility that there is some sexual implications in the act of feeding her a beer. The male holding the bottle up to her mouth, head tilted back, eyes closed, cheeks flushed, some beer running down her chin...

Maybe I'm late to realize this, maybe I'm the only one who sees this. It's sexy in an innocent way which just makes her come off as cute.

Either way, I've really come to like Shark. Probably up there on par with Ayata.
Okay, the second panel is made of Awesome. Burpin' Iri, blushing drunk Shark being bottle fed... I dunno, I just REALLY like the composition and situation.

The crowd in panel 3 looks great too. I like the added touch of putting a little bit of faint outline around them. Works really well.

As for the guys not recognizing them... I do not find it terribly strange. If someone that looked like a famous actress picked you up in a bar, would you honestly think it was the actress and not just some good lookalike?
I agree with all parts of this comment.

And I imagine that there's likely some species barrier in terms of recognizing individuals within a species unless it's a species you spend a lot of time working around or interacting with so that adds another further layer on top of the fact they wouldn't expect to meet this particular pair of Lakes.
You know, I had not even considered that aspect, lol. But you are right, that would certainly add another hurtle to positively identifying the lakes.
I gotta say, I also find Shark in panel 2 to be adorable !

She's a cute lush. :)
Beer Beer! 100% Beerier than regular Beer!
Oh, I just realised that was the page title. I have to remember to check those more. :P
BTW, I did noticed the change in Iri's hair today View. :)

I have just been waiting to see if anyone else commented on it before weighing in. But instead people seem to be off on a tangent about Sharks hair instead. lol. What particular shade a given characters hair colour is has never been an issue for me. But if your keeping a tally... I liked the teal too. But to be fair, that is only because it is a favourite colour of mine.

You once described Iri as "basically a muppet with lips". And if that is still the case. Then today's hair (which I quite like, btw) is very much in keeping with that sentiment. It looks much more fluffy, loose and slightly unkempt.
My favorite brand used to be Schaefer's. The stuff was 9 proof swill, but damn was it cheap. "Schaefer is the one beer to have when you're having more than one." There's no joke in there. That was their actual slogan. Shaefer's sold a 32 pack they called a "weekender" for about four bucks including tax and that was in '92. Friggin' Pabst bought them out.
*tries out pensive dragons Edit button*

Dang, I still can't use other people's Edit buttons. XD
Arg! Don't push my buttons! You won't like me when you push my buttons!