Comic 153 - Response
18th Jan 2013, 12:07 AM in Star
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Jst56 wants a color version of his icon?

Here's my awkward jungle camo version!


This page is pretty experimental.
User comments:
Dang, their police reacts fast there.

Also, cool avatar icon. :)
I figure now is a good time to remind you of my new icon! From back on the Salu Salu species page.

The tested effect here would be the blur of all the other people swarming around them, which is conveyed pretty well. It took me just a second but I got it.
Well, I would say all the experiments are a success. Both Riot and Dragons hair look great. I really like how you showed the braiding in Dragons cornrows with a sort of glowing cross-hatching (as opposed to the sharp fine lines you have lately used in Iri's hair). Poison Monkeys generally seem to have very luminescent hair.

The first panel is bittersweet to me. Seeing Ayata kick Riot is funny, but knowing how distressed Ayata is, is sad. It makes me realize how good a team Ayata and Iri can be. As Iri (in most situations) would be able to see if letting Ayata try to talk someone around would be a good idea without having to default to stab first. And, if it is not, could conclusively tell Ayata so, as opposed to just saying "my call", leaving it open to debate if it actually could have worked or not.

The crowd of "police" in the 3rd panel works well. With their vagueness implying fast movement around the stillness of Riot and gang, as well as making them appear largely ignored by the main trio.
I'm still experimenting with hair. I don't think I'll ever get it figured out.
Experimenting is always a good thing!
As for ever figuring it out... Lemme drum up a couple examples of excellent hair you have turned out.

Pages 1-3 Heh I know, there is not really any shading or definition on it. But I still really like Iri's hair in the first 3 pages of this wonderful comic of View's. In fact, I just really like the first 3 pages in general.
Page 30
Page 51
Pages 53-55 Are a great example of how you slightly change your hair drawing style over the course of several pages and panels, but all still end up looking great. Actually the rest of this whole chapter (pages 53-71) Iris hair looks fantastic, and goes through at least half a dozen different drawing styles (and several hair styles), any and all of which work really well in my opinion. this goes for all three hairy characters in this section, Iri, Otoni, and Maybex (will we ever see her again?).
panel 3, Page 91
Next's hair, Page 104
Shark's Wig, page 127

Now of course, these all run to my personal tastes, I am sure some other forum goers would add some others, or take certain ones away. But my favourite hair drawings styles of yours are when you use hints of shading and "blocky" colours to give the hair shape and definition. As opposed to lots of fiddly lines, or very detailed shading. Not that those can not turn out great. But even when they do, I find them add odds with the rest of the page. They become a visual focal point for me. Whereas simpler hair, such as Riots today, fits in with the overall page.
Now, with that being said. Your overall shading and background work is progressing quite fast, and the gap between the detailed hair, and detailed surroundings is rapidly closing. So that point may quickly become moot. :)

Anyway, I am sure you will hit upon a some hair that you enjoy drawing and like the look of eventually. And the only way to do that is to keep experimenting with Iri's constantly changing coiffure!
Gotta say, the hair on page 30 was pretty epic. :D

I think the main issue I have with the hair is that the shading often indicates hair in motion, even when she's standing still, but the lineart doesn't, so there's a sort of disconnect between the two.

Like, on this page it's fairly obvious that the last panel suffers a bit under that problem.

If the shading and the lineart followed eachother I think it would be better looking, with not much more effort. (like next's hair on this page)
Vague grey stampeding crowd... Been there. Feels just like that, either you interact with it, it interacts with you (sorta like a river interacts with your boot, don't fall) or you are an island.

I rather like how this page feels, much more feel than look in it though. I think you were going for that.

hmm...can't edit...

panel 4 has the feel. Well, 1&2 are quite full of emotion too, but that is a completely different sort.
A better take on the crowd than previous efforts. I actually think a bit of color differing the different 'blobs' (as another artist calls her unfilled character) will create a stronger impression of a large crowd.
I couldn't tell what was going on in panel three until I read the comments.