Comic 152 - Cold Call
16th Jan 2013, 11:24 PM in Star
Cold Call
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This page may be difficult to understand if you're reading day by day. I'm hoping that it flows well if you're reading through, though, and haven't had days since the other spy was mentioned.
User comments:
Ofcourse, the question is :
Could Ayata really have reasoned with her ?

I'm thinking no, super spy's would be almost brain washed to believe in what they were doing - You'd need an awfully long time to de-program such a person.
I support Riots decision here. If the spy was strapped down in a chair I would be all for Ayata attempting reason, but loose with a gub... not so much. Also, I see Zombieland Rule #2 at play here: "Double Tap". :)
Double tap in general is a good rule for military and spec ops, and it's one of the first things they teach you in the line of work where you actually have to kill your targets.

Just think of the bad situations in all movies that could be avoided if everyone abided to double tap.
And I quote, "Anything worth shooting, is worth shooting twice."
I agree .. the gub changes the stakes considerably, and makes the situation a whole lot less .. talky.
Gub control doesn't work. What we need is bullem control. We need to control the bullems. I think all bullems should cost five thousand dollars.
Sorry, when I reverted to try and reattach, it cleared the change I made. I'll look into it.
This has happened before.
It serves as a motivation to proof read before you post!
Whuh? Sheela sees buttons and nobody else does?

Hr? I can see the edit buttons, too.

Anyone else?
Sheela the picture you linked has edit and delete options for every post, even ones not yours. that is just weird.
Yeah, they don't work on any but my own posts though.

.. I tried. XD
I see no edit buttons. I see reply buttons on all posts and delete buttons on my own posts.
Looks like a movie clip. Look at the hair and skin shade.
Its good to comeback to the world of tech once again and find you still kicking ass in art form. :)
ps. can I get that profile pic I asked for 2 weeks ago before leaving to finish basic?
No! I mean, yes! I mean... soon!

Things are crazy at the moment, but I'll do it either tonight or for Sunday.