Comic 151 - Rearranging deck chairs
16th Jan 2013, 12:05 AM in Star
Rearranging deck chairs
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User comments:
They've had the sofa, now for the scotch!*

*(Or the local equivalent.)
And now we wait for several pages to pass until the psycher abruptly falls on the couch, revealing a fatal allergy to whatever it's made of. :D
It's gonna be a lot of pages. I'm moving pretty slowly.
Alternatively, he's gonna fall and think there's a sofa there, but then hit concrete since she moved it.

Sneaky stuff. :)
I think that chair is going to be seen again. There was no obvious reason to move it.

I am guessing that Iri has looked into numerous futures, and found one that gives her an advantage by moving the couch. It could be that the psycher jumps off the roof expecting the couch to be there and its not, or runs around the corner and trips over the couch when he did not expect it to be there. But, only View really knows. It could be something completely random and cool too. :)

Speaking of random. Where did the "Extras" and "Species Info" buttons go?
I dunno. The scripting system changed a bit and broke the layout, evidently. I'll look into it.
The couch could also allow her to jump a little bit higher, thus scoring a hit with swordy-Sword. :)

First time I've heard of a Chekovs Couch though. :)
Okay, the ComicFury programmer figured it out and fixed it. He's quite on-the-ball.
Cool beans, yay for programmers who know what they're doing. :)

On a sidenote, I just had a look at the species tree, and noticed that there is an entire branch named "Bird of Paradise" .. have we seen any of those in the comic yet ?
that's because... (spoiler alert...) View~sama is the other psycher...
Ah poor Shark, she looked so happy in the second panel, thinking that she was about to go on a hunt with her idol.
Could this be a case of "Never meet your heroeos" ?

On the other hand, she is learning stuff about how the real Iridium Lake works, so she can portray her better in her movies, that oughta be worth something.
Not sure you actually want to portray her better in the movies...
The movies are more flattering than her real life. Sexualized because Sex sells. Just look at the jumpsuit.
Ah, but I reckon she's sneakier in real life, than in the current crop of movies .. that might be useful.

Edit :
I meant that the sneakyness might be useful in the movies .. add a bit more authenticity to them as well. :)
Is the coloring of the stains on the couch different from the last comic? Also, do we get to see a splat when someone's expected 'safety net' has been moved to the wrong side of the alley? =P