Comic 150 - Two for One
15th Jan 2013, 12:39 AM in Star
Two for One
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Welcome to... the side of the building.
User comments:
Hmmm, so could the OTHER spy be the psycher? The plot thickens!

Love Shark fixin' herself in the background.

...wait a tick. Is Iri lighting her cig with her finger? since when could she do that!?
Iri always could do that. Also I agree with you on shark she's all like "I have to stuff my boobs back into my suit."
Huh, I will have to go back and re-read the comic it seems. I can only remember her lighting cigs with swordy sword, or other peoples cigs.

And as for Shark, I do of course love the boob fix, but I also like the fact we pretty much see the whole process. Fixes boob, adjusts suit, notices minor tear and gets annoyed, and then fixes hair. It all those little details that make characters multidimensional and alive.

Hmmm, alright it seems she does light a cig with her finger on page 87. I am surprised I did not remember that.
If the other spy was a psycher, Iri would probably be much more worried about it and going after it personally, you'd think.
Well, Iri did not seem terribly frantic with the previous psycher. She seemed to let him come to her as opposed to chasing him. And I am under the impression that Iri still believes that there is a unregistered psycher somewhere on the planet, and a spy would seem likely candidate to be one, to me.
Oh god. The look on his face in the second last panel. I can't stop laughing.