Comic 15 - Expedition
27th Jul 2012, 9:14 PM in Crash
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Author Notes:
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I've decided that all the aliens are going to end up looking exactly like some other alien to somebody, and then they'll announce it and nobody will ever be able to see them any other way.

Fuck it, whatever. I'll go with the original design.
User comments:
"Yessir"? That's a man? The chest made me think... oh, whatever.

Also, are the bubbles by the speech bubbles meant to make the voice sound garbled, like underwater-garbled? Just curious.
It's a lady. The response in this military is always "sir", never "maam".

And she's... well, you'll find out. Basically, yes, she's going "gloob gloob globo".
So the bubbles are your version of indicating "gloob gloob" language to the reader, but for the characters in the story, it would be sorta like having a second language or something like that ?

Or is there some sort of mechanic/electronic translator at play ?
No, more like a droid beeping or a Hutt going "bbhoohohologhgorosoo".
Proably for the best to go with your Gut .. and they are your aliens. so its really irrelivant if they HAPPEN to look Sorta Kinda Maybe like something else. excellent page!
Not only do I think it's a good thing for you to go with your own design, I also think the story will be better off for it. :)
Head seems a bit small ... is that on purpose ?

He's an alien after all, doesn't have to conform to human proportions. Heck, he could have had four legs, but he didn't.
It's on purpose, but I haven't decided whether it's a purpose I should keep.
I see.

Interestingly, he's almost the opposite of a standing bear, which has short limbs and big heads (due to the fur, admittedly).
And no ... I have absolutely no idea how I ended up thinking about bears. XD

Edit :
Also clothes can make a huge difference, even with the same character. Just imagine Adolf Hitler in a sweatshirt and slacks instead of his nazi leather trenchcoat ?
Hard to imagine, isn't it ?
Maybe add a big afro as well ?

He'd look completely different.
I think he has cephalopod genes somewhere in his ancestry.
I agree about the design. Like I said, that's how shit works with aliens. We know you ain't ripping things off and it ain't bad to be inspired by something.

Whale species even more cool now. Gloobgliobgloobglubwub
Glad to be able to contribute to the conversation. Gloob glbite!
I wasn't trying to mean or rude. I was just wondering if that's where her design came from, and if any1 else thought that.
OK so the red suit guy is from a sort of "military" what are the...hum big lip purple woman species?XD her suit makes me thing of something more peaceful..
That species has hook hips, but I'm sure you'll see them again.
Has anyone mentioned how that dude looks a lot like a Turian?
Does anyone ever bother to look at pre-comments these days? That and the whole character design discussion about SIMILARITIES.
It's not worth getting upset over. I prefer slightly oblivious comments to no comments.
I think the character design is going to be problematic no matter what you do, it has all been done before by someone!

Are there shape shifters in your universe or was that just tongue in cheek about character design?


Took a whole day to realize it, but I am mildly disappointed about the lack of shape shifters. Then again this won't be your last story...
Of course, there are some of your readers whose most recent video game experience involved a pocket full of quarters...

And; Sure you can!
I'm sorry I didnt mean to alter anything with the comment I made earlier, I just meant to point out the similarities but go with whatever design you want cause it's your comic.
All Hail Admiral Kill Gore Trout and her enforcer Commander John "Spike" Bigbooté!

Now little Poison Money is in for it... time for the mass killing of those pesky and rebellious Asparagus People (cause they're greenish and thin).
The Admiral is a Pisces with feet
A very peculiar Darwinian feat...

The now poem begins;how will it end?
Cattsevant is challenged to complete.
And her henchman too,
A huge boney squid...*
If you take that view
What else could be hid? (!)

*(Perhaps... {I'm older and slower in the middle of the night.})
So it looks like officers are privileged to expose their faces! Do those gimp suit uniforms have any utility besides designating rank and providing as much anonymity as possible to the grunts, given their wild variance in head size?
Maybe the suit is an anti-odorant device so everyone can work together.
The augmented soldiers are not simply dudes with helmets on. They're heavily cybernetically augmented.
Of course, the Big Shots would maintain their individuality both as a matter of ego power and for the practical purpose of having an easily recognizable chain of command.
The top half of his head DEFINITEVLY looks like a Turians from Mass Effect, but that's not really an issue I suppose, it's hard to create completely original things like Aliens without drawing from other sources subconsciously (Unless you've never seen ME before, in which case you are a wizard.)

At least fish lips slug looks unique! XD
It's easy to forget just how big Kax is. Pages like this really help remind me.