Comic 149 - Dash
13th Jan 2013, 9:17 PM in Star
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The universal fool-proof solution to any problem: hit it with a rock.
Bigger enemies, requires bigger rocks .. and property damage. :D
Ah, but you cannot use Bonetti's Defense aganist it. :)
Excellent page!
The streaks left by Swordy Sword look great. I really like Iri's expression in panel 3. And to top it off, Iri smacks the taunting Cybernetic with a brick to the face. Win! Oh, and as an added bonus, Shark may fall out of her top.

The only thing I am unclear on is why Iri slashed the buidling? Her prey seemed too far away to have any hope of hitting him with that attack, was she trying to create handholds to climb up after him?
It's her basic instinct. When you can't figure out what to do, cut shit apart!
And here I'd decided in my head she'd followed him like that with her blade to ensure he'd keep running, then turn around to get hit with her brick when he thought he was out of her demostrated range. Clearly I'm giving Iri too much credit :P
Her power is pretty limited, she's just generally good at making sure she's in a good place to use it.
I'm sure as the comic goes on I'll have a clearer and clearer picture of what she's actually capable of. My ideas of how much she can process in real-time was based on the chase scene earlier (with Maybex driving).

*tries to formulate a self-consistent general framework for Space Magic*

Yeeeeaah, maybe I'll just sit back and enjoy the comic ;)
As you're about to see, the Maybex scene was about right.

(The interference is the important point)
So basically, it's like two people squaring off in a dark room, one has normal vision and the other has good night vision, so the one with the better sight is more likely to win, even if they are of equal strength.
I see what seems to be compressed gas escaping his legs, slabhead bionic enhancements?
How common are cybernetic enhancements anyway? Is there a big downside? Such as cost, lots of maintenance, painful?
As you'll learn tomorrow, they're pretty basic and annoying... in the Space Federation.
Well, Iri commented at the beginning of chapter 2, that Ayata had only met her and cyborgs as far as aliens go, so Unity soldiers are like, all enhanced, apparently.
I can't stop imagining an extended, comic, animated version of that first panel, with Iri chasing after the Mystery Slabhead for hours and hours, flailing her sword around like a butterfly net as he easily dodges and laughs at her. :P
"Dammit! Get back here! Dammit, stand still! Argh! I promise I won't hurt you!" *whoosh, whoosh*
Also: On behalf of 90% of the male and 10% of the female audience: Don't give up, Shark! Keep trying to run! You can totally do it! Go go go!
Is there a Zorro reference here?
I do recall him often cutting a Z into stucco walls with a sword just like Iri did here. But it would be facing the other way and smaller.

I am pretty sure it is entirely coincidental. :)