Comic 148 - Greasy Blue
11th Jan 2013, 11:05 PM in Star
Greasy Blue
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Work work work work.

Zug zug!
User comments:
My interpretation is she just ran off, either to intercept the jumper or to help him/her. Given how far the jumper moved between panels I don't think she would have had to disappear.
Ah, so we find the hidden psychic.
Maybe he's just really good at jumping ?

Also, +1 for being bulletproof. :)
Drat, nothing interrupts hopeful Iri on Iri sexy action faster than the plot getting in the way with an action sequence. :P

So, lemme see if I learned anything from species week. I believe this is one of the slabhead species, and so it likely that it is natural body armour deflecting the bullets. However, he also seems rather agile to be one of the more heavily armored of the species.

Mind you, this seems like a great setup to show why hunters use swords instead of guns. :D
Those old Warcraft RTS games. The peons said that. Well done Nostalgia, sir Forview.
"Join the army," they said.
"See the world," they said.
I'd rather be sailing.
I see view as an abstract entity (hotdog?) that can be any sex it sees fit to be. But hotdog itself suggests male.
Is 'blue grease' a reference to how Iri perceives the future? I'm going back and searching for that page. I seem to recall a bunch of colors mixing.

edit: Page
Side note about current day body armor: Getting shot hurts like hell.

Years ago I met a fella at the beach who looked like someone took a baseball bat to his chest, side, and half his back. Turns out the guy is a cop. The day before he was shot, in the line of duty, in his vest, not quite center of body mass. The vest saved his life.

Current technology body armor works by spreading the energy of an impact across a very large portion of the body, as well as making the impact take more time.

So: OUCH!!!

According to my fake-ass RPG rules, this kind of armor decreases the grade of the damage, not the amount.

Of course, this guy's all cybered out the ass, so...