Comic 147 - Parting
10th Jan 2013, 10:13 PM in Star
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If you wish to move fast, you must first move slow. If you wish to move slow, you must first move fast.

I can also cut guns in half with my mind.
User comments:
Awkward pauses. Always fun. Liking the view in 3rd panel ;)
No matter how long I look at a page, I always miss something. So I like to leave, give my brain some time to process and come back, and look at it again.

When I first read this page, I saw the 3rd panel and remarked to myself again how I liked the differences between Iri and Sharks suits, how they showed off their owners personalities. But I had made that observation on the previous page and that clouded my view of this one because I looked no further.

But, then I came back many hours later and looked again. I noticed their postures. I was shocked. I had seen it, but had not NOTICED it. With only hips, arms and legs, View shows us two very different personalties and emotions. THIS is why View is my favourite web comic artist. If you took out the speech bubbles, it would still work. Just two headless bodies on an essentially blank background. There is not a single other comic that I know of that could get away with that. Let alone do it so damn well.
It's not really as advanced as you say, but thanks.
After a certain point, all reunions inevitably reach the awkward point where you try to figure out what you still have in common after so many years.
I shudder to think what that something might be. One Iri/lake can blow up a planet, what might two of them get up to?
E-GADS, I hope not! That's where I keep all my stuff!
What happens if you connect two Lake's with a splitter ?

Would they divide by zero or something like that ?
I think they just make an inland sea.
So your The Sphinx from Mystery Men?
"So... hm... wanna do something?"

"Go fuck yourself!"