Comic 146 - Introductions
10th Jan 2013, 12:47 AM in Star
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What an irritating page.
User comments:
Sorry! It looks good to us uninitiated.

"Sexy Frogs" doesn't have quite the right cachet some how.
But it is better than 'Mini Giraffes", right?
What if we mix and match? Sexy Giraffes! Giraffe Frogs? Mini Frogs?
Ah well, at least it is better than whoever got saddled with 'spiral dicks'.
I am sure it is very... Descriptive. And not at all giggle inducing, or the butt of any jokes. Just like Uranus.
I bet they have a galaxy wide dating service just to make sure the screw threading is compatible.
How about 'Amorous Amphibians'?
Shortened to 'Am-Phibs'...
What about just "Sex Frogs"? That's a good bad name. Oh wait we were doing species names...
It's been a while since I did any Latin, but it looks like that would be something like "ranae conmercii"; you could also do "calamitae conmercii" if you specifically meant rain frogs and wanted to be fancy.

I probably conjugated that wrong, by the way.
Dibs for catching that brick. Still prefer Maredeusians though.
Is it just my interpretation or did Shark just get way more brushed off than she's used to?
Amorous Anura. Amnoura.

Ayata the Amnoura.

Poor little Ayata lost in a sea of perverts.

If the monkeys had their way they'd just call em fuckfrogs.