Comic 145 - Landshark
9th Jan 2013, 12:11 AM in Star
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Author Notes:
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OK, everyone, familiar with her face, now?

She looks a bit like Next above the neck, so I hope you will now be able to distinguish between them.

Also, she's about Next's height.
User comments:
I really like how much you convey with the expressions of your characters. Not just in this strip but in your work in general. I'm not sure if it's because you're just very good at them or because you're good at using them.
It's because I consider the characters to be the main point of the comic, rather than tools to make the plot move.
I like the juxtaposition between Iri's faded, utilitarian, dull suit and Sharks bright, sexy, shiny suit.

I also really like the colour of Shark's hair, how it almost seems to glow. And of course, I have a personal weakness for sexy close cropped hair.
When she was a little butterball of a kid, her hair was what distinguished her from everyone else.

Then she grew tits!
It's allright, we like her boobies too. :)

Also, gotta love that her suit has a heart motif on her stomach/chest. That's a good usage of her cleavage.
That would be good from a flesh and blood perspective, but I was thinking more blood than flesh.
I found the new hottest character. I love her hair. And I mean her real hair, not the wig.
I don't think it'll be any trouble distinguishing them. Yay for more monkeys. More personalities!

On the note of new faces, this was a serious contrast to finally seeing Duane's face in Unsounded...
She looks awesome. ALL THIS COLOR. It looks like an old Sonic game. I LOVE IT.
She's Bazonga the Hedgehog!

Or Shark the Hedgehog.

Both sound weird.
"Jumping the shark" makes a whole lotta sense now. XD

Lots of men wanna jump her bones, I'm sure.
Just like 'hooking up' has taken on a whole new meaning too!