Comic 144 - Sexy combs
8th Jan 2013, 12:19 AM in Star
Sexy combs
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This page took FOREVER. It ended up kinda muddy. Can everyone see what's going on?
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Oh! Genes...

(Macho is pan-galactic it seems.)

The content and the intent seem quite distinguishable on this page.
"Panspermia (Greek: πανσπερμία from πᾶς/πᾶν (pas/pan) "all" and σπέρμα (sperma) "seed") is the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by meteoroids, asteroids and planetoids."

Makes sense, but dosn't start with Pants-
Pantspermia, the hypothesis that life is sexiest when you- take off your pants! Woo woo!
I figured that was Ayata's misinterpretation of some off-color remarks made by her admirers :P
I think she was going for "genes", but you know, pants (or lack thereof) can lead to the same results!
I feel like I can see what's going on?

I am kinda curious now though since species week mostly introduced what seem to be evolutionarily clustered families of species... how many (ish) species are there running around?

This certainly makes people's underwhelming reaction to Ayata make sense given it's likely hard to make fine distinctions between other families of species.
Well, going with the most basic definition of species, as many as there are homeworlds in the galaxy. Which is something like 5% of all stars.
Aaaand I'm back to waiting patiently for it to be revealed what's so special about Ayata's people that Iri has taken the level of interest she has.

The fact that they are being attacked by Unity is all that the Poison Monkeys care about.

You may have heard about a "war faction"? You'll be hearing a LOT more about them next chapter.
I like how the one combhead in the first panel is feeling up the waitress whose arm is LITERALLY bigger than him. And yet somehow is all "we're so awesome."
Hmmm, speaking of the waitress. Does the ring on her finger signify marriage? OH, and what the hell kind of material is her corset made out of? Her species is several times more dense than the average, so the corset would have to be several times stronger to shift her bulk... If that thing ever snapped it would be like a bomb going off with all the pent up tension!
Well, let's just say that anyone who can't handle the explosion can't handle the waitress.
Seems clear enough to me. And I am sure the catcallers would be more than happy to let Ayata examine their pants (Denim or otherwise), in search of species similarities.
On the other hand, I do not think drunken idiots that grope waitresses would make for very useful allies.
Oh, Iri looks more and more beautiful every page. I fell in love with the last panel. *cue wedding bells*
On a sidenote - Jagi sure is getting a lot of attention. :)