Comic 142 - Pinkie
4th Jan 2013, 11:20 PM in Star
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The next page is more fun. But it's not until Sunday.
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We'll have all weekend to get anticipatory.

(Heavy gun!)
HA! I had almost forgotten about Pinkie, been a while since we had seen him. Also, nothing like a good jump scare now and then to get the blood pumpin'! Hopefully Ayata is not TOO mad. Speaking from experience, opportunities like that are REALLY hard to resist. :P

It has been hinted at before (Ayata not being allowed to carry a pack in the swamp) But I think this is our first confirmation that Ayata is weaker than your average race, in addition to also being lighter/less dense. Of course, that is assuming Poison Monkeys have roughly average strength. Which may be a completely false assumption on my part.

This page also clearly shows one advantage to doing the lettering by hand. As Ayata's rising screech of Pinkies name is gotten across exceptionally well.
Pinkie seems to only have a rapeface expression.
...For some reason, I'm suddenly shipping him and Ayata. No idea why. I just think they'd be a cute couple. ^_^
In the second frame she looks so innocent and angelic.
Pinkie is creepiest poison monkey.
Aha, so that was why Iri was so relaxed the whole time .. she brought backup muscle with her. :)

Also, that's one heavy gun.
I like the jump.

So, Ayata's race must be streamlined as hell if they lack any significant strength to that degree. I never realized it was that extreme.
Yes, but the gun also weighs a lot more than you might think.
Remember, anything made for the elephantine species is at least 4 times the mass of an equivalent for a 'normal' species.
I'm reckoning her to be about as strong as a 10 year old human child.

So even at 30 pounds, she should have been able to lift it, even if only just, and with both hands.
Yet she can swim with enough power to leap clear out of water towing another person?
She should be able to lift more than a mere 30 pounds. She is much stronger than a 10 year old child.

Still picking up a 30 pound gun from the ground, trying to be cautious about the fact it is a firearm (and she has at least some experience with them, even if just an hour of a "safe handling" course) can be a challenge.

Heck, *I* was having a hard time picking up a 30 pound cylindrical steel slug the other day simply because it was cylindrical and heavy (and preheated to 350F)

Those are different kinds of strength; the most efficient way to pick up the gub would be with the muscles in your thighs and butt ("lift with your legs, not with your back"), whereas the stroke she swam with uses your abdomen and lower back.

In fact, if you look at the way she was positioned when picking up the gub, you can see that it looks super awkward for us - she's trying to lift it with the muscles in her back, presumably because those are her strongest muscles.

That doesn't work very well on the surface, because you end up being really off-balance, but maybe under the sea it works better.
Also, the swimming was on another planet, so there could have been different gravity, a higher gravity could make the gun even heavier.
I just wanted to delurk and say -- I enjoy your artwork a lot, but I love your knack for characterization. It is the thing I most enjoy about your work.

Side question -- why doesn't she touch guns? Psychic reasons or psychological ones?
Well, she was taught by a temple, so religion could definately be a possibility.

But it could also be a philosophical , or even a practical, reason - Like how the old watchmen often carried clubs instead of swords, because it's easier to subdue someone with a blunt object without killing them, than it is with a sword.

Obviously, Iri isn't opposed to killing, but she might find killing at range to be cowardly ?
Lots of medieval knights thought that archers was cowards and didn't like them at all.