Comic 140 - Glowy
2nd Jan 2013, 11:49 PM in Star
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Playing with radiance!
User comments:
I love the attention to detail in the shadows of the plants against the wall. Also, I am enjoying the big guys accent/speech impediment. It gives him a certain... gentleness. The bloom effects do not hurt that impression at all either. lol.
I like it (the radiance) makes the sunshine look particularly hot/warm that day.

Ayata seems to be enjoying it.
Now she just needs a bit of water, so she doesn't dehydrate.

Or maybe ... ice cream !
Chocolate Ice Cream!

Everything looks all shiny. I think Ayata is actually trying to figure out why =P
Very nice grass.

You caught a nice balance between showing texture and keeping it simple enough that the texture doesn't make the character-grass contour look wrong.
I like the theory behind my grass, but the implementation is always struggling.
I really like the grass too! Looking at it makes me want to sit on some grassy field on a warm summer day. Curse my hemisphere...
You mean just like the big guy is noticing now ?

On a sidenote, those hands were made for sign languages. :D
Hey View. You said I should ask again for a new profile pic after New Year’s so this is my formal request. If you can keep the soldier theme and add some color. I know it will be badass. I’m leaving to go back and finish my training in the morning so you have 3 weeks till I can even look at it so take you time. Hope the Comic stays awesome while I’m gone.

By the way, the glow is a cool effect.
Okay. Dunno if you'll see this response - but it'd be nice to know whether you want an updated version of your robot soldier or if you prefer an alien soldier.

Robots... aren't normally very colorful.
Your comic is the last thing on my checklist before I leave. I think robots represented your last comic and I think an alien soldier is more the flavor of this one. Give me whatever you think is best though. I trust you view.
I seem to remember that there were some pretty neat alien soldiers in the FLASHBACK and STILL A FLASHBACK sequences. :)
Not many artists can do radiant lighting well but I can tell you've been practicing.