Comic 14 - Bonsai
26th Jul 2012, 10:40 PM in Crash
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Author Notes:
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I'm gonna play with Kax some. He'll be a metamorph until I settle on an appearance, and then I'll go back and magically make him always have looked that way.
User comments:
Nothing defines someone as a dangerous badass like having the patience to grow bonsai.
That's kinda the point ...

If it's looking at you like you're tasty, you are unimportant to it.

But, if it worships you ... you are badass !
Not intimidated by the whale person. Can't blame him. Must be a good strategist to make Admiral.
Her species is naturally good at "thinking in 3D".
Chain of command question: Rear Admiral Mereis outranks Commander Kax, but the Commander has more 'juice'. Somewhat like a political officer in Soviet military?
Also interesting how fast they argue with each other. Jump right to the "Make me, biatch!" and such.
Well, not only is he functionally a political officer, he's also part of the inner circle of the government and, as you can see, physically very intimidating.

But he's not the dragon...
That's right, you did mention something about dragons didn't you? And did you use the model for the ship here? It was replicated very well between the last two pages. Quite sharp looking.
I take it the whale species tends to be good space navigators then ?
Are the gold parts on his head tendrils jewellery or pigmentation?
Why are you asking me? Do you think I know? I'm just trying out some appearances.

1. I admire your firm handle on the 75% Principle as displayed in today's A.N.!

2. A modest proposal; Why not maintain Commander Kax as a metamorph? He certainly could be said to have cephalopod ancestry, and they are well known as shifty camouflagists! Also as fellow descendants of the Sea, it would be natural for himself and Mereis to be on the same wavelength!*

I must have played too much mass effect because Commander Kax kinda reminds me a turian and an asari had a kid. Uh, other than the way they would have a kid, asari magic reproduction and all.
... dont get me started on Asari sex practices >_< rocking page :D
This may sound/read weird, but to me Mereis looks like Gypsy from Mystery Science Theater 3000.
It's a carrier right? If so is that the landing bay at the front? Seems like quite a weak point to be honest. Unless it's some giant laser! I see that Kax likes to keep his gardening skills up, even in space.
Oh okay, now i understand what that big hole in the council command ship is on mass effect, at least i think. Damn long scoop if you ask me.
What is it scooping, interstellar hydrogen? That's a fairly small orifice. Is it augmented by force field screens?
Yes, the ship has shielding technology. It's long because the ship is long.
So, basically, you modeled the design of the purple lip person after Gypsy of MST3K fame?
...already brought up. No deleting comments, though. I guess this'll stand as a monument to my reading comprehension skills.
i think you are on the right track with his design