Comic 138 - Alley 3
31st Dec 2012, 7:35 PM in Star
Alley 3
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I'm back!

It'll take a few days before my skills recover from a two-week hiatus.

The Species Week stuff is now under the Species Info page on the top menu.
User comments:
"Dear Ayata,
Holding onto the arm of a scared/angry individual whose hand weighs more than your entire body, is not a good idea.
Sincerly a concerned fan."
It does look kinda dangerous ..

But lets not forget that Iri is one of the most dangerous beings around .. if she thought that he would be dangerous to Ayata, she would probably already have torn him a new one.
True. But we also know that psychers can interfere/muddle with each others predictions (to various extents, and based on their particular speciality). Besides, what is she gonna do about it? Cut off the hand, and it could fall and crush poor little Ayata. lol.
The light shining on Ayata shows just how innocent and naive she is, like a lovely angel who just left Heaven for the first time.
At least, that's the intention! MWAHAHAHA... ha... hm?
I wonder if he could even harm her by now, I mean, in those last two panels she is absolutely adorable.
That genuine worry she has for him makes you want to go "asxdzfl .. so cuute" !

I could see her get a lot of followers simply by her absolving them of their guilt and leading them back onto the straight 'n' narrow.
Maybe he could become her bodyguard. :)
Ah, but this is Ayata we're talking about, one of the main characters ... main characters can bend all rules - Besides, she's technically a landlubber too, having only been in space twice !

Oh well, at least Iri said that the greasy blue line (I'm guessing he is it) wouldn't be dangerous to her, and indeed, she looks rather relaxed.
You think she's still not quite sure if Iri blew up the last planet ? :D
It is so fun to read that guy's dialogue. Please don't kill him too soon.
I take it he talks in a deliberate manner that some consider slow. That is how he sounded in my head at least.
Welcome back. Also, the hunter stance on murder? Probably an excellent way of saying 'no pansies allowed'. :)
Damn, I wish this site had a forum. I just had a look at the new species page View created, and the "family tree" of species is just BEGGING for some random fan guesswork and wildly inaccurate speculation :D

Such as, since Combheads seem to be closest to the stem of the tree, right after the ancients. Does that mean that the Salu Salu are our best look at what the ancients may have looked like? Or are the 'modern combheads" as the tree calls them nothing but a poor reflection? Or in fact, could they be a complete misnomer due to historical inaccuracies. For that matter, I wonder if there are any historical records back from the time of the 'ancients'
Are the Squiddies the code names for the Naalt? :3
Why bother with a forum. I want my idiocy on the front page baby!
Also, you nailed the lines on the face in panel three, particularly the direction of gaze, the nose, the caruncle and canthus lines (inner bottom corner and and angels at the meeting of the upper and lower eyelids). I'm also digging the shading on the big boys pants on two and the hair streaking on one and two.
Also also, just a thought but maybe you could get around the, dinky look on the firearm by giving it a less conventional appearance. I'm kind of getting the impression that he's about to have it pop out of his grip like a bar of soap. I get that your portraying the size difference, but it really isn't the first thing that comes into my mind.
Guns are Iridium Lake's secret weakness! It's been established in canon!
Have we seen any "Spiral-Dicks" yet? Because they sound very interesting.