Comic 136 - Alley
20th Dec 2012, 12:20 AM in Star
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Author Notes:
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Trying out a new ink brush. Hm.

I plan to cover the holiday week with some species summaries, since there's been some interest in that. Of course, if you have some fanart you want me to post, I'll happily do that, too.
User comments:
I think View would rather dodge Religion and Politics in his comics.
This page looks awesome!!! Even better than the previous fantastic page. best page yet!
You know, we haven't really seen a "modern" society setting yet. We've seen the grungy and dark side, as well as primitive settings, space ships and... well, space, but not a bright and sunny place like this. Actually, I think this has the brightest colors since the story started.

...Not that Iri seems to care for it. Are they catcalling her in panel one?
... it's basically a con, and she's cosplaying. They're not catcalling, they're saying something like "hey! Look over here! Smile!"
I kinda figured that. I've been to cons before. "Catcalling" was just the only word I could think of.
I think Iri may have found her rogue Psyker.

The grass looks quite nice on this page. Helped along by having some of it against a wall to give it some depth, and the addition of some liberally sprinkled wildflowers.

The shading on the big guy in the second panel is noticeably different from everyone else's to seem out of place (of course, this may be intentional in order to draw the reader to him). And I personally find it to be a bit too 'airbrushed'. It may just be that because he is such a large character, that what would be barely noticeable on someone like Ayata is kinda overwhelming when done on him. Although I like how his left hand turned out in panel 2.

I also really like how you kept the yellow ball in all 3 panels. It makes for a great reference to give all the panels very clear context.
There are two reasons his shading is odd. One is that I wanted to make him and Iri (and Jagi, by accident) stand out as separate from the rest of the bright surroundings.

The other is that he has weird superpowers.
Huh. I had wondered why Iri was in shadow on the last page. So, are we sort of seeing how they would see each other? Kinda like our glimpse at Iri's vision?
I don't quite like the reaster effect on the straight lines, it feels odd.

But other than that the general picture is quite nice.
Good points, some of the long s straight lines do become a bit jagged, we need some anti-aliasing here.
I think the draw line tools has that build in actually, might be something that is exceedingly easy to do.

Also just noticed the wall in shade has a texture to it, ie. it isn't just a bucket fill in. The brush strokes gives it a bit of texture, I like that. :)