Comic 133 - Oversaturation
16th Dec 2012, 10:16 PM in Star
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Tried some new stuff. Don't think it really worked out.
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I see Ayata has her priorites right. Gets right to sampling the local cuisine.
Indeed, she seems to enjoy the new worlds.

Interesting dresscode on those planets too.
There's not really any nudity taboos between species. Each species individually may have some concerns on the matter, but it varies.

Landlubbing cultures tend towards clothes, while spacefarers don't. Clothes in space are just a giant waste of resources. You can make them weigh almost nothing, but you can't get out of having to wash and store them.

The Poison Monkeys don't really have much of a nudity taboo, but they are barely one generation in space, so they still attach a lot of meaning to clothes.

Some cultures also wear clothes for religious reasons, such as Otoni.
And most importantly having no clothes in space gives a massive increase to the fanservice count.
Huh, you know I never thought about it. I read a good amount of sci-fi, but I can not ever recall an author bringing up clothes being a waste of resources, and hence a culture of space nudists.

Anyone know of a book that brings it up? As I think may View may actually be on to a pretty novel concept here.
Sounds like it would be something mentioned in The Hitchhiker's Guide, but I don't think it was
In most SF books energy is (almost) free. Compare, for example, Honorverse ships to the Nimitz class carriers. For less people. Some super-efficient cleaning pipeline doesn't even register. Plus, SF is usually bad at common issues. How many times have you read about a WC on a spaceship?

Now, for something on the single-digit size... that would be an interesting work.

Take care.

Well, common issues don't feature often because it doesn't normally make for interesting reading and it's hard to introduce it into the story without a lot of shoehorning in most cases. However, Dune is one example where the little daily things get featured alongside everything else at times; especially the stillsuits.

Getting into the how and why of the common aspects, really requires a protagonist who is inquisitive and new to the customs and technology of space faring peoples, or an author who puts a lot of effort into their glossary. Robert Jordan, though a fantasy writer, used to have quite a large glossary of terms and names at the end of his books, which really built up the world beyond the scope of the actual story.
ARRGH ... someone mentioned sci-fi books ... now I have to go and read The Path of the Fury .. again!

Just to get rid of my book cravings.

The evil, EVIL, books that steal all my spare time !
Clothes in space would also tend to be hazardous I would imagine. Having your shirt sleeve get caught on the lever that send the ship into a death spiral would cause more than a few incident reports.
Note, like Florence Ambrose once said, people are still gonna want pockets.

But that's what utility belts are for.
That used to be true. Right up until early 2000 most people could not envision a future where pockets would be pointless. People still carried around cash, needed keys to start their car, and had to buy a physical book in order to read a novel. Biometrics were only used for commercial security. Free wi-fi was rare.

But nowadays you can buy and download video games online straight to your computer or console. Get books in electronic format. Cars can be started with the push of a button. you can have a microchip inbedded in yourself that you can have various electronic devices keyed to. you could put a keypad or a thumbscanner as your door lock. They are coming out with glasses that can be used like a smartphone. So currently, the only thing we still need pockets for on earth right now, is for money. Be it credit cards or cash. But even that is coming to a close, as people more and more are using their phones to pay for things, and cellphones themselves may soon start to fall by the wayside with the smart glasses.

Now, this is all for the average person. For various forms of work, pockets will still be required to hold tools and odds and ends. But generally speaking if you are doing work that needs tools, you want to be wearing protective clothing anyway.
I should brush up on my science, I'm trying to remember whether clones have the exact same fingerprints as the original or not, and whether that would make for a security loophole.
I know that twins do not have the same fingerprint, so I would assume clones do not either.
Pensivedragon is right - although fingerprints are not the chosen biometrics. Spacefarers are used to the ship knowing exactly where they are at all times. Space stations are much the same.

Obviously, lots of people like carrying around some things. Ayata's sash has pockets, for example. This is usually a matter of preference - it's surprising how easy it is to get along without them when you can debit your ship's account without any paperwork.

Not all the people who appear to be naked are without pockets, either. The fat guy has a pouch. Jagi has a midnight-black pouch strapped on his arm...

Damn, you guys wrote a lot.
If a ship knows where it's crew is at all times, is there a posibility that it might have an angst attack if they disappeared from it's sensors ?

... imagine a captain having to console a ship when he comes back - "there there, we weren't really gone from you. we're all back, calm down" :D
I do not believe we have yet seen any evidence of "smart" AI's with personalities. So I would assume not. And that would only be funny for a little while 'till it got annoying and you simply chose to re-format your ships personality and start fresh. In fact, now that I think about it, I do not recall any AI's in this series so far. The characters never 'talk' to the ships computer or any such thing.
I know, I know ... I was just going out on a tangent.
Next is good at his profession.
He's making it all sound quite plausible!
Not so good at finding bodyguards that aren't fanboys, however.
True, but to his credit, they are not HUGE fanboys. And really, chances are the only poison monkeys that would truly not be 'fans', would be 'haters' and I doubt they would be good bodyguards. :)
Jagi doesn't have a clue what's going on.
Gah ... the sky is so .. blue.
The rest looks ok though. :)
Actually, I think that is a window. Not that the sky ISNT blue, but I believe we are looking through tinted glass, look at the tree.
They're definitely windows, not sure if they're tinted though.
They're whistling the theme-song aren't they.
Seems very Possibly

Love your work by the way
I accidentally'd at replying too, oops
If you sign up for an account, you can edit your posts and make them better! :D
I love Ayatas face in the 3rd panel. I really hope she is eating that right, and not naively biting into some wax wrapping.
"What an interesting slick exterior this has!"

It's hard to imagine any land-dwelling species -- or amphibian --could avoid inventing food wrappings of some sort. Besides Ayata's not a dullard, I'm sure she asked how it was normally eaten when she got it from the vendor.
True, but I am a land-dwelling non-dullard with plenty of experience in eating food. And even I occasionally munch on the wax wrapping they put around various bread enclosed delicacies, presumably to either keep the food clean from your fingers, or vice versa.
Maybe you have it the wrong way around ... maybe it's a delicious piece of wax, tenderly wrapped in bread. :)