Comic 131 - Escalator
14th Dec 2012, 12:10 AM in Star
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User comments:
*sniff sniff* I smell a "oh man! you look just like her!"
Hmm, all black, with big eyes. Could this be someone of Jagi species?
Is that a firearm descending from her sleeve in the last panel?

Also, fat naked tourists and space-fannypacks... you paint a bleak picture of alien life view.
"But I may run into"...

... Fangirl's and Mary Sue's, the most dangerous creatures of the Galaxy.
Oh dear. Jagi is in the movie too?

Well, while Iri may get dismissed as a fangirl of herself. I am guessing that Jagi's unique exterior will make him stand out as not being in costume.

Or on second though, depending on the intelligence of the fans, envy at how GOOD his costume is...
Also depending on how advanced consumes have become, yeah? ;)
True, it's possible that technology could exist that would recreate JAgi's blackness. But if the fans in Views universe are anything like ours, the costumes will mostly be home made. Not some really expensive high tech custom made suit. Although, with that being said. It might be possible that personal fabrication machines are relatively common, and "homemade" could in fact include high tech.

Of course, we also do not know how common Jagi's species are. So I am wondering if he could not just pretend to be some other *insert jagi's species name here*.
I'm expecting envy myself. Extreme fans tend to either shut down their brains, or realize it's "too good to be true".
She gets to see the sex she might have as well?

That is an existence I would not want. Element of surprise gone even if nothing happened. Course on the other hand, even if nothing happens I could see it...
It's a narcissistic voyeur's dream come true!
To be fair, it seems she only see a fraction of what happens, so there would still be plenty of surprises left.

Plus she seems quite capable of changing things around if she wants to. :)

It's only bad if you don't want it.