Comic 130 - Timeline
12th Dec 2012, 11:16 PM in Star
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And this is what it looks like. Ish.
User comments:
Hard to say at this point ... but .. I suspect less walls to be drawn. :)
Hmm. big black splotches on the orange line with flecks of blood. Wonder what's hiding there.
Next is moments away from being in a lot of trouble I think. At least, if he was involved with the space-movie.
Looking for hints of foreshadowing.

Have no clue what the fuck is going on.

Sounds about right.
Makes you wonder if future sight is intuitive or something they're trained to understand. I could see all manner of people with it just being treated as insane or delusional.
I suspect both.

Much like some basic math seems intuitive to humans, but we still learn a lot more about it in school.
Seeing the future is not a common ability. Most psychers never really develop it even if they have the talent, because it's quite difficult.
Is it just me, or does this future sight look rather similar to Poison Monkey speech?
Might be coincidental, but if it wasn't it wouldn't be all that surprising; when you think in your head, you thin in the language most familiar to you.
I find it amusing that the lowest most image appears to be cleavage :)
Did you draw all of the thumbnails specifically for this page, or did you re-purpose some storyboards/sketches?
... You seem to be under the impression that I have pages in the pipeline.
Something about the way you draw thoughts... resonates with me. I'm not sure really how else to describe it.