Comic 13 - SEGUE
25th Jul 2012, 8:36 PM in Crash
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"How do I describe the situation? Should I just have Mereis (the hatted one) explain what happened to command or something?

"... plus, how can I draw the ships? ALL OF THAT IS HARD TO DO FAST, and I need to pick up the pace for this part."

Well, look at my masterful solution. It also sets the right tone! Badly written shlock!
User comments:
Indeed, how can you draw a lot of completely identical ships in large formations on a dark background ?

Copy-pasta has the answer, I'm sure !
Sounds like an idea.
Alternatively, you could make some out of modellingclay and have them sit on your desktop ?
They only have to have general shapes so you can line them up like you want them to be in the comic.

Also, you get to tease your better half with little models all over the place. :D
Hrm ... on second thought, those 3D models might not be such a bad idea.
Well, I wouldn't be putting them on the page, but they would be valuable pencil guides. For example, something simple like this:

Oooo. Thats badass. That's a great way of simplifying things!
I believe you implied anti-gravity technology.* The flared stern must be a drive-blast concentrator/deflector.So if the circular 'collar' to the fore isn't for centrifugal gravity, perhaps it contains deceleration and maneuvering jet ports? And/or weapon stations.

*(Comic 2; In the comments.)
I don't know why it surprised me at first but I should have guessed you'd know your way around a 3D modelling program! Jack of all trades but hopefully not master of none :)
Probably wouldn't want weapons too close to the thrusters at that!
You did say this class of ships were carriers so most defense would be provide by the strike fighters. Does Unity fly any dreadnought equivalents?
Unity flies with something like our modern naval style: mostly carriers, destroyers, and missile boats.

SF has a much more varied navy due to the much more complicated government structure. They have a very robust set of naval doctrines.

Which is more or less the only reason Unity hasn't tried to take them on. You ever try to take on a full space wall of battleships with fighters? It's like watching a bugzapper.
An uneasy parity of strength and lots of 'space' to avoid each other in...

Not to try your patience, but the shape of the stern deflectors raises a question about Unity drive systems. Is the thrust continuous or is it a series of controlled explosions? Perhaps atomic or anti-matter.
Very cool max? ( does a CGI comic , two actually ) this is really well done .. i must say .. love the bits here and there - gap was darling. this is headed in the same great direction !
Dammit, Vordreller beat me to it ! :(

But yes, it looks like .. a giant peeenis ... with thrusters on it. :D
That's kinda on purpose. In fact, you pretty much guessed one of Iri's lines.
And the Halo unit looks like a 'crab'. Is there a theme building here?
As long as when you put it together the 3D models don't stand out too much, that's probably your best bet.
I imagine what they will say will be considered quite filthy in most languages.
No, no, Vogon Poetry involves fists and headbutts. :D
Well then, maybe they are militarily rigid and bureaucratically inclined. CYA Masters in other words.
That would work, since Vogon Military would be full of Headbutting Poets and Vogon Bureaucracy would be full of weaklings who fails at headbutting people without apologizing for staining the carpets. Because of .. y'know ... political correctness and all that.

Yeah, Vogon diplomacy is a sight to behold. :)
The tone of this page is hilariously adorable!

Next page: Angry yelling? D:
Funny thing is, when I read it, I had a sort of Faux News inner dialogue running as I read the text.

Maybe tomorrow will be an actual newscast kinda comic .. sorta like ..

*announcer voice* Aaand tonights news is presented by Boooob and Liiindaaa !

Bob : Ho boy Linda, have you heard of the fleets recent blunder in space ?
Linda : No, what happened.
Bob : Well, it's as they say, Linda, one of the captains had had a little bit too much to be sober and crashed his avalon carrier into a Halo jump assist.
Linda : Yes, and I hear in my ear muffin that we have Rear Admiral Mereis on the line, Hello Rear Admiral, what do you have to say about the incdent ?
R.A.M : GrrRrrrrr.
Linda : You don't say?
Bob : Hold on Linda, I have just managed to raise Commander Kax as well ... Hello, Commander can you hear us ?
C.X. : GrrrRrrRRR
Bob : Ahh, how nice of you to say that.
Linda : We have Rear Admiral Mereis with us here, do you have something to say to him ?
C.X. : Graah ? GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
C.X. : RRRAAAARRGH ! *dissappears from own screen* *reappears on R.A.M.'s screen*
R.A.M. & C.X. : GROOOAARRRRRGH !! *shred* *tear*

*connection lost beep*

Bob : Remember folks, you heard it here first!
You just know the Star Federation is going to be spreading anti-Unity propaganda and scurrilous lies about the entire incident!
Implausible Deniability!*

*(And; Yes, I do think you can draw Cats!)
So once again I must ask, do you have any background on the two new species you have just introduced to us readers?
Yeah. Mereis is basically an evolved whale - she has no teeth, just feed filters. They are well known for their ability to open their mouth to larger than their head normally is, which helps them to suck in a lot of water very rapidly and can also be used in reverse to spit water ten meters.

The other guy will be explained later in-universe. Suffice it to say that he's a whole lot scarier than he looks.
Commander Kax? Hmmm... he doesn't appear that intimidating, but then again looks can be deceiving.
I don't know, if Whitestix weren't Unity contraband, Commander Kax might have his own brand!
The narrator really does sound like a reporter XD "now lets go live to rear Admiral Mereis"

I wonder if it's an active narrator
Kax looks almost identical to a turian from the mass effect universe minus the mandibles. Did I guess right in the look you were going for?
Um, no. Except in that "faces with bricks on them" is a decent way of saying "this is a warrior species".

But if it bothers, I guess I can try to tweak it to look less like a Turian. I'll have to look up details of what a Turian looks like, though.
Don't sweat it. Looks like a Turian a bit, but its a great design. I like it as is and all creatures always look at least a little like something anyway. No matter how complex or simple. Turian design took ques from other sci fi sources I'm sure.
Oh no I never meant anything bad by it if that's what I implied
There is a slight resemblance, but it could just be a coincidence.