Comic 129 - Elite
12th Dec 2012, 12:02 AM in Star
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Author Notes:
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I will be so glad to get outside. Sick of drawing walls.

Yesterday's page is on the extras page.
User comments:
Next just got Iri. And now he's risking a very explosive break-up—possibly literally.
Well, either that or she enjoys the movie a lot, even if it paints a negative view of her.

But yeah, the smart money is that she'll probably be upset.
No more porn?

Unbookmarking view.

More porn! more happy view!
I don't really have any interest in doing what you want.
I can make you rich!
I can make you famous!

I can turn you to the porny side!
Not that I hate porn, but I'm not really interested in drawing it these days.
Ah, too bad, because it looks like Riot and Pinkie had themselves some nice sexy fun too, by the way they're hugging in the first and second panel. :)
Or Pinkie's a creep. Actually because Iri stole the splitter that's another reason why not.
I think they're perectly capable of having sex without a splitter.

Not that she couldn't get her hands on another one in a moments notice .. but still.
Why do their noses still look so odd? I throught thats just a sign of sexual arusal.
It's a general Poison Monkey thing from my understanding. Iri's nose has been shades darker than her face since the second strip (the first time you see her close enough to make it out) and Next's has been since the PM intro page on page 73.

View did decide to make it less noticeable though as you can see on that page Rhythm Riot and Pinkie both had the noses on the right hand version too.

If it seems variable I think it's cause View's been playing with the colors as we get to know the characters better.