Comic 128 - Naragog
10th Dec 2012, 10:40 PM in Star
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I tried to work this into a proper story page, but it didn't work. So here's a standalone page!
User comments:
Woah. Cool.

Although when I first read it I thought it said "The Coward Capital". That would be very interesting.
So Space-Hollywood, eh? Somehow it will end in fire and bloodshed (By which i mean Iri's gonna blow something up.)
Well, it would officially be the largest planet she's ever blown up.
What's the current record?

Also, I'm glad you shadowed the clouds.
Wait... Officially the "largest" planet she's ever blown up? There have been others? Don't bylaws state that you have to have a laughably easy to destroy super-weapon if you're going to go around destroying planets?

Actually, I just had a horrible image pop into my head of how the death star or Lexx would have ended up in Iri's hands. O.o
Oh shit, Lexx. I had forgotten about that show. I should probably go back and watch it now. lol.
Very nice. Do you think you could make an HD wallpaper out of it, or would stretching the picture mess everything ?
Ha! 'Planet Hollywood'. :D

Hmmm, what are the chances that someone will think Iri is cosplaying as herself.
But, don't you know if it's 100% or not view?