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9th Dec 2012, 7:57 PM in Star
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Let's start the next bit!
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Did they make a movie about Iri...?

Question: are space-Hollywood movies as bad as modern-Hollywood movies?
I'd think it would be closer to Bollywood style than Hollywood.

On a side note: I am just a bit disappointed that the sex scene was cut short at the end of foreplay. I was looking forward to a full-length full-color sex scene with featuring Iri. I'll have to hold out for Ayata to get a sex scene I guess.
The chapter or the sex scene? 7 plot-laden pages by my count.
Depends on how you look at it I suppose. I still like the way you draw naked people so I tend to enjoy those pages even if it's just fan service.

For instance; every time I see Cheer posted somewhere I will do 3 things.
If someone starts it and bails I will finish posting the remaining pages.
I will read it in its entirety every time.
At the end I will link the people who always ask where they can find more by the same artist where they can enjoy more of your stuff both old and current.
Yeah, I went looking for more of your work after reading Cheer because the characters were actually portrayed like people, and it was drawn well

Blending qualities that make a character definitive with qualities that make them human is something not many do. Scenes with sexual elements may seem like fan service, but it's a reality that is all too often stripped from "realistic" comics for one reason or another. If anything, I think it further humanizes your characters -- if done right, as you do it.
this Page looks really awesome... kudos on the lighting...
Today's art and hair lighting - fantastic.

That poster - oh yes.
I have a strong suspicion that Next is in some way responsible for that poster.
I hate this song, but I feel the urge to post it here anyway:
Hey view I got a ? about the SP universe as a whole. The poison monkeys are a separate species from humans, but are they evolved? Are they descendents of homo sapiens or are they from a different planet and their appearance is coinidence?
And if humans are their progenitors, is the evolution a natural product of time or was it forced? I.e. Genetics