Comic 126 - Accompli
7th Dec 2012, 10:27 PM in Monkeys
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Last page of the chapter!
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If you stray too deep into the land of Pun,
You will fall into the waters of Nup!
Mmmm, turnabout is fair play. I guess with the splitter hooked up it is a hell of a lot easier to be a conscientious lover.
In the final panel of the chapter, the memory cap that could not be removed is close to the focus! WHAT IS IT HIDING.
Oh Thank you great Communicator.*
Thank you for feeding our heads!
(the Doormouse)**

*(No hyperbole intended)
**(For the opportunity to play with this magic!)
What are you Ugh-ing about seven hours after posting up the page?
Oh woops, I thought that was a stand alone post from view, rather than a reply.
WE MUST INTERPRET THIS "UGH." It is a sign from above! The great view spoke it! I shall add it to the shrine!

... I keed, I keed, we not worship you as god. You just good comic-drawer person what draws good comics. Also writes.

But is rare in this day and age!
Probably the memory part of the splitter shares memory between the two users (not much of an intuitive leap there)and I'm thinking that she doesn't want him to know some of her secrets (probably about her banishment/killing the prime minister or whatever she did) I'm also thinking that its not very uncommon for poison monkeys to not connect the memory part of the splitter because sometimes you don't wanna be an open book even if you are being intimate. Interesting that his is connected all the way, I wonder if she is getting all him memories or if she is being even more devious and that was the whole point of this sexytime.
That would explain all the offers Iri got on her way to see Next.

Though looking at the cable length and design of the splitter she's using I'm guessing that particular model isn't used for foursomes.
Well, that depends. One person could hook up all 3 lines at the short end. And each of the long trailing ends could be connected to a different person. What effect such a set-up would have, I do not know. As I am unsure if each biological port has a unique function, such as one is for memory access, one for transmitting physical sensations, one for sharing motor control. For all I know, the function of each port could be changed on the fly, so that all three could be for sharing physical sensations, so you could either share between 4 people, or multiply the sensation several times between two people.

Personally, I would be most interested to know, in the case of using it for a foursome. If one person gets to have most of the fun, by receiving all the sensations from the rest, or if they would act as sort of a relay so everyone shares the experience equally?

And yah, I am really over-anylizing this pulpy comic, but its Views fault for getting me in the habit of doing so with NMtG :D
Well, the thing is not as simple as it looks. This splitter remixes the inputs and outputs, so you can plug it in a wide variety of ways.