Comic 125 - Present
6th Dec 2012, 11:29 PM in Monkeys
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Is a Memory Cap the future equivalent to a Bra Strap?
It'll be at least two chapters before I explain that.
why did i never have an issue with bra straps? i mean, they're not that complicated! you just pinch!
I was just trying to make a joke, but if it's a serious thing cool.
I was more thinking along "Iri's mind is pretty deep since she processes info from the future as well as the present, so her perception of things is really fucked up and the neural connection can't really keep up with it"
That might be part of what makes being with Iri so unique for Next.

If I didn't think he was genuine, I'd even suggest he might be using Iri to catch a sight of futures she doesn't share or look into. But Iri would probably catch onto that so yeah.
Seriously, how many people would want to go diggin' around in old memories when you are getting a blowjob in the present. PRIORITIES, learn them! :D

And I see I did jump the gun slightly, as Iri has now used all three jacks. But it would also appear that my guess that doing so would increase the connection seems to have been correct. It would seem that a single connection shares physical sensations, and three connections has the potential to share memories (with the 'memory cap' comment leading me to believe Iri is actively blocking Next from access). Perhaps 2 connections shares emotions?

Unless I have that backwards... Looking back to yesterdays page, they are not doing anything particularly physical, but Next has a huge reaction. So perhaps the first connection is emotional (he gets hit like a freight train when he feels how horny Iri is), and 2+ connections is physical? As she slips the second one in today before giving the blowjob. Not sure if she put the 3rd one in yet.
Oh? As in the memory cap is unconscious on Iri's part?

Hmmm, well, if all poison monkeys have those jacks, and it is fairly common to use them to connect each other. than it would make sense to have various unconscious responses. Such as having a wall up to prevent someone accidentally reading your thoughts. And Next is currently too horny and preoccupied to concentrate hard enough to overcome the wall Iri naturally has erected?

Or of course, I could be totally misinterpreting the 'memory cap' comment. :)
Or for that matter, the active party comment.

Either way, it is an interesting device and will likely become more clear as time goes on.
I'm not positive, but I think View was referring to Next initiating the BJ, instead of Iri giving it.
Huh, now that you mention it, that makes sense.

I did not pick up on that at all.
I like Iri's hair today. Specifically panels 3 and 4. The colour variation gives it volume and depth, and the lines flow nicely.
I get the vibe they have had a past relationship? But I thought they or you or someone also said it was a crush he had on her that went no where? Secret relationship? Me making up things?

Also that mmhmm at the end is really cute for some reason.

by memory cap, does he mean that each of those ports has a different significance?
in my defense, I wrote my question BEFORE I read the rest of the comments on this page