Comic 124 - Plugin
5th Dec 2012, 11:14 PM in Monkeys
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Sexytime is almost over. Just one more sex-related plot point...
User comments:
well thats far more of a connection than I would have guessed wooo!
Several questions are answered and more arise. For example, is the splitter an important part of all PM sex? Also, are the "outlets" artificial (which I'm guessing they are) or did they somehow evolve to be compatible with an artificial object?
!!Warning, warning!!

Premature ejaculation imminent !
I bet there's no such concept in PM culture.
Just multiple!
There's not going to be any deep exploration of their sexual culture, but one of the details of hooking the bodies together is that either side can prevent or delay the other's orgasm...
Hmmm... They are only using one connection, and seem to be having a great time.

I wonder if using all 3 increases the experience, or if it is used for something else... Such as, one connection is great for sex, but using all 3 lets you "mind meld" and explore the others conciousness or some such.

For that matter, if only one connection is needed for sex, perhaps more than 2 people can share the experiance at once.

Of course, that is assuming I am not jumping the gun here. Iri may still use all three connections.
That's the plot point that I'm using this sex scene to explain.
Ooohh, like Babylon 5 Centuari( Semi-obscure)
Bravo Pensive for guessing it. I was sitting here trying to figure out how many people it would take to occupy all three (or five or six, *wink*wink*) ports with no more than a single connection to any one person...or something.
The Letter M
Just subscribed, time to go back and read from the beginning.
Crazy monkey sex toys. AND I DONT WANT SEXYTIME TO BE OVER SO FAST At least let Iri keep her top off for a while.
let's just have iri lose the top for the rest of the comic... I
Heh, I have a mental image of getting an itch, and your partner reaching to scratch it for you. :)
They're definitely scratching an itch alright.

wink, wink.
nudge, nudge.
say no more, say no more.
Wow Bellar you must be as old as me because I totally got that MP reference...
Beats the hell out of Barbarella's futuresex.