Comic 123 - Neck
4th Dec 2012, 10:51 PM in Monkeys
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Not a sexy page!
User comments:
Great now i've got matrix flashbacks. These things look really weird, how do they work?
I suspect that View is about to let us in on the secret in the next few pages.

Totally looking forward to it. :)
Really? I was going with Demolition Man.

But seriously, they aren't going to end up playing Quake are they?
No, I don't think they'll go that far .. they'll probably stop at just sex. :)
Oh? What's this? :o

Also, I'm probably the only one here who's happy to have a sex-free page. ^^;
I think this page is, in fact, dripping with lust and sexual anticipation, it's just not as evident from our twenty-first century perspective.
Ahem, rightish name this time. Splitter gives direct feedback on sensations. They can feel BOTH sides of the loving, with it.
Gee did I see that one coming. I just hope I don't dehydrate from all the drooling.

*knee deep in drool*

Oh dear god do I want one of those. I wouldn't mind the surgery AT ALL.
What, you mean organic jacks? Yeah, fun tech. Sexy? Hm.
And when the mood is over, they probably detach automatically...
The best part about it cattservant, is that they'll both fall asleep afterward rather than just one of them.
Yeah, I totally get this as a sexy sequence. You have to look at it from their point of view though (as part of their mating dance), since we don't have the tech they do.
It is kind of like us with a vibrator or Sybian or other such device and a cave(wo)man looking on, trying to figure out why/how we are making sex so complicated.
And organic jacks? Sweet concept, adding an interface port that the body can manufacture itself. A species also couldn't loose it a civilization crash. But oh, it also gives me the type of shivers I usually only get contemplating bellybutton surgery and certain other horrible tortures. Because these jacks also represent a DIRECT line and easy access into the nervous system. I bet they represent a interrogator's, or torturer's, go to system for hurting someone under their 'care'. :(
Which also implies that exposing them, or allowing another to do so, is a matter of no small amount of trust. And potentially a VERY erotic action because of it.
C'mon, if you're in the hands of such people, you're screwed anyways without any need for fancy-ass high tech.
I know it isn't the focus of the panel, but their faces/heads are really odd looking and sort of featureless in the final large panel.

Iri's hands look well articulated though.
Personally, I would have my plugs on a hinge so they dont just pop off. As I am the kinda person that would totally lose them :)

Unless of course, once they are off they are unsanitary to put back on, so they have a stash of new ones for replacements.
Some one is making vast mounts of money manufacturing Whitesticks and Jack Covers!
Don't tell me sex for them is like melding of the nervous systems or something. That's a little too intimate. But hey, we shall see. I don't doubt it will still be hot.
Hopefully not TOO hot, that would be a bad place for an electrical short :D
Go back to when she takes the splitter. Bet it was hooked up and the "tie" was hiding it. Bet it hurt when it was pulled out too.
The reveal comes. What is the purple thingy for.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun
Huh, I just realized something. I'm fine with cybernetics and bio augmentation but combining the two? Not so much....
Call me wierd, but that looks like it should hurt to me.
I wonder if this has all been part of a plan Iri has and Next will in fact miss out on sexy time in the end.