Comic 122 - Shut up
3rd Dec 2012, 11:44 PM in Monkeys
Shut up
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all hail realistic boobies!!! no but seriously, when he grabs it in frame 1, it looks real!!
You might be a victim of the Awesomeness Gap then. *sage nod*

Trust me, I'm an expert. :)
Old acquaintances
Not forgotten...

(Why Ugh?)
[Never mind.]
Well, it's a sad culture where this is considered brave and unusual, but violence is not.
It all goes back to those centuries when western civilization had to hide out in some fusty old monastery!
*twitch* *twitch*

Must suppress urge to rant about violence vs. sexy time!
That said, you are so right about that.

Is it lust, is it love
Whatever it is I can't get enough
Is it lust, is it love
When I look around tell me who can I trust
Is it love
Gah! why must Next always be so cute? It is sexy time damnit! :P

Well, okay not really. I think my favorite sex scenes from all your previous comics all involve copious amounts of cuteness and blushing. :)
Remember the first sex scene between Jim and Mary at the pier when he hid her clothes? The expression when she first saw Jim after taking off her mask and the following realization that he took her clothes.
Yep, that was a great one. I really liked the page that was right after that one myself. The "eyes closed feel" page. Where you can trace all the places his hand as been on her body.
Ahh yes. "Mary Vision" was a very interesting viewpoint. Here's hoping we'll see something similar in the future.
I leave for a few days and it all turns to sex.

I approve. This is some hot stuff here, too. This page is probably now one of my favorites of any of your comics. The art, the dialogue, I love it all!
Yes, they just need to be happier .. and with their mouths open. :)