Comic 121 - Boobs
2nd Dec 2012, 7:53 PM in Monkeys
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Author Notes:
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Let's have some breasts.
User comments:
Gotta say I love the hair in the second-to-last panel, it's really welldone. Good job.
Yeah, good work view, you're the breast- I mean, best!
The shirt floating at the ceiling was a great touch.
If Next isn't quick we'll soon see Iri's twins floating that way too.
Iri's face in the second to last panel is amazing. Great job on it~
And lo there was boobage and it was good.
Gravity defying shirts, what next, also boobs. Anyone been watching IPL5?
I have been for 4 days. How bout those Team Fnatic Underdogs?
Because of the androgyny of the boy and his size difference relative to the lady this really seems like straight shota.

So deliciously morally ambiguous, ya know?
So, is the girl largish, or the boy just slightly built?

In all the previous pages, he's been about half a head shorter and thirty pounds lighter.
Some of the panty lines...are a little darker.

some focus on the 'wet' details, view?
I would say that has more to do with hair than wetness, considering the angle of the shot.
Hate to be "that" guy, but did nobody else notice those panels/markings on the back of Iri's neck on panel 2? I find them mysterious...
It's there on at least two other poison monkeys.
Places for wired connections to devices and the net? Easier to jack in to a cybernetic body part?
And speaking of jacking in...
her bruises disappeared rather quickly... that being said, I am still loving the comic, view.
I was hoping that would show the passage of time. I guess not.
The funniest part of this is how you depicted lacy panties by drawing her nude, adding a solid black layer, and then just scribbling with a fine eraser.