Comic 120 - Bedroom
30th Nov 2012, 11:01 PM in Monkeys
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I kinda like this page.
User comments:
Yay!, I was hoping someone would get it on.
Is that.... an Iridium Lake doll hanging on his wall?
I like how she swept the leg and pounced on him "like a cat". Her whole body must be "fucking taut" with the anticipation of finally getting to release some pent up sexual energy.

Edit: I've been working on my Poison Tongue translation from page 111. Need a Poison - English Dictionary.
AHAHAHAHA oh boy here we go. The Iridium doll even has its own swordy sword...
Low gravity
She picked a path,
Now do the Math!
How appropriate, all Next must be thinking is "Hellooooooo, Nurse!"
Drat! I was still holding out hope she was just teasing him. lol.

Now, I wonder if Iri will notice the doll, and what she will think of it?

And I have to agree with nightsky, the splitter looks very tail-like, and very cool. I have a feeling it may come into play very shortly.
So when can we all expect to see Iri dolls in the VIEW STORE?
Waaiiit a minute .... this comic is in perfect perspective !
*points accusating finger at the comic*
What have you dont to View and where is he ?!

... or her ... what gender are sexy hotdogs ?
I make up for it by not having backgrounds at all in the next page!
I think I have read this wrong but,
1 aren't they siblings,
2 he looks 12.