Comic 12 - Salvage Operation
24th Jul 2012, 10:54 PM in Crash
Salvage Operation
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Here's JasperWB's fan icon, if he wants it:

Tomorrow: a very angry fleet!

User comments:
Man oh man, that last panel. All that's missing is a cat for Iri to stroke.
Do you honestly think I know how to draw cats?

That is very funny.
Yes! Yes I do.* Especially Alien Space Cats!

*(Remember; 75% more flexible!)
Those Iri faces! Panel 5 looks familiar somehow.

Does "delayed" Fleet have any connection to Ms. Lake's inaugural appearance in an escape pod?
Nah, she just giggles at other's misfortune, you know?
Well, for all we know, the reason why she was in an escape pod in the first place, could be because she got into a brawl with the delayed fleet.
I'm betting on bureaucratic inertia and low performance standards for any schedule slippage.
Hehe, this particular fleet has the Darth Vader method of enforcing performance standards.
Which one?
a) blow up planet
b) force choke leaders
c) physcially choke leader
d) alter the deal, and pray he does not alter it futher
e) scream NO! really loud for a long time.
I can imagine what psychic powers could do to a plasma or antimatter reactor... all of a sudden the forcefields collapse... boom!
She punched the fleet out. With her fist. Rar!

Iridium Lake: The Chuck Norris of outer space!
View, your expressions are fantastic. In fact I would have to say they are my favourite aspect of your drawn art. I say drawn art, because I also adore your stories and characters, so if I lumped all 3 things together, I would have no idea which single thing was my favourite. lol.

I do have to ask though, what is going on with Iri's hair in panels 3-5? The way you have it coloured in those panels makes it look as though each strand of her hair is about the same size and density as those of a mop.
You mean her hair is actually that thick? Damn! Lol, that is actually quite cool.
What about it? That is a muppet, which is exactly what view just said. lol.
Love the faces on the last panel. Pure awe and evil evilness! And of course I want the avatar. I wouldn't have asked for it if I didn't want it! Thank you! :)
Oh hai JasperWB .. I see you got your new avatar, and since you asked for some colors for it in another thread, here you go :

Avatar size :

Four times bigger : Bigger & Blurrier

Carol herself was surprisingly easy to color, compaired to the robot hands ... I tried all sorts of fancy stuff, but it didn't work out well, and eventually ended up going for a simpler shading of the hands so they wouldn't distract from the two faces. I hope you like it.

Enjoy. :)
Well, if you're going to go around being helpful, in the future I'll upload lineart-only variants as well.
Since it's only avatar sized, the lineart doesn't suffer tremendiously from a bit of blurriness. Besides, I just do it for fun.

Heck, sometimes I even "steal" frames from comics and try to color them for my own entertainment. I might even have done that with the 5th frame from the second page of this comic - But you didn't hear about that from me! XD

I don't put that stuff on the 'net though, since not all artists like seeing their own work modified. But I figured in the case of Jaspers avatar, it was allright, since he asked for it, even though you drew it.
I don't mind. I'm pretty freewheeling about the art, as long as you don't do anything painfully immoral, like not give me a cut of the profits.
Profits ?
Man, I wish I had profits ... then I could withdraw and just laze about for the rest of my days.


No, I have no profits. :(
But I do have that picture of Iri chasing a cigarette butt ... I mean, a whitestix. :)

That's good! I can't color like that because it takes too long. Maybe I'll ramp up to it as my speed improves.
Heh, you probably can color like that if you take the time for it ... but that's just it, isn't it ?


Not that I'm particularly good at all, but I have had the time for it. Even with my bar-of-soap techniques, I can still make something half decent.

And certainly, I have seen many webcomicartists that have improved leaps and bounds in coloring and shading in a surprising short amount of time ... sometimes even quicker than with traditional training, though that is good too.
They said a lot of thingsā€¦

I love the alien's look on the last panel! did she light the white stick?
No, no, no, no .. you're supposed to say something deep and confusing like ...

"Using coalescenced anger she convinces the air around the whitestix to give in to the heat of a million suns!"

That way we can get all our crackpot theories on, guessing wildly on what you just said. :)

Hah, we had much the same idea, I see. :)
Not controlled self-ignition when air is drawn through it? I'm shocked!