Comic 119 - Priorities
30th Nov 2012, 12:05 AM in Monkeys
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inb4 RandomTroll's comment about dat handful of ass.

His flushed face seems a little... orange rather than pink.

I've been so eagerly waiting for this inevitable sexy time because they make an adorable couple.

And don't you dare take it away from us View.

Oh wow, is this scene steamier then some of the ones from NMtG
You humans have strange holidays.
Catt, where do you get those odd profile pics from?
I'm a google image miner.
For an Art of gold.

Anything you can think of
Is multiply illustrated!
A little Snipp Tooling,
A little Paint shrinking
And 'Et Voila'!
Aww, he's so cute when he doesn't realize he's probably being used. <3
I think you're radically underestimating Next. But since that's sort of his schtick, that's fine.
He's an exceptionally good politician. Well, for a Poison Monkey.
"It's yours if you can pick it up and walk away with it!"
(Sort of?)
Families aren't not quite as easy as they are for us.
all the monkey profiles on this page reminds me of
I like the idea and the visuals, but I've never really enjoyed their music much.
Ah, so THAT is what the holes in the pants were for!

I really love todays page. It has lots of little subtle touches, like Iri pulling Next by the pant holes, and pinching his cheeks. But it is Next that really shines on this page. Every time you can see his face it is a different emotion. I especially like the, for lack of a better word at the moment, slightly swarmy expression in panel 5, which made me envision him thinking "How far can I take this?" which then flows into the fantastic butt grab of panel 6.

And of course the spectacular blush of the final panel.

Now, I have to admit, I do not personally know how to feel about Next just yet, and as such, I do not know if I like him and Iri as a couple. But I DO know that I love how you draw his character, so I look forward to seeing more of him.
Well, thanks.

Next's character has an unusual and slightly subtle role, so you'll probably never have any strong emotions about him either way.

I drew the faces REALLY loose today, so I wasn't sure whether everyone would be like "hey these faces are sloppy!"
I don't care how this turns out. The kid has made one NICE play >:)
The fitting song for this page:

(If someone can decipper the lyrics)
I think that the point here is that Next actually is quite skilled at getting what he wants done, done, so what he did is confusing whoever is supporting him in rebuilding the temple with totally plausible reasons, when the reason he made it was actually for Iri.
Of course, being a good politician means that this actually WILL be beneficial to his final goals as a leader.
Basically, Iri>goals>political supporters, but the 3 things aren't in conflict in this specific instance.
No background??

You've got some green trying to sneak on set from the right there.

Also: yay for plot points! Maybe I over-think things but lately I read all of Iri's exchanges as her sort of trailblazing through sets of options. Like when she tells someone to speak common even though it seems like she should be able to know all the responses they'd have (though I realize the use of common is also here to make communication with your readers more reasonable).

I guess I'm a little curious how "always on" Iri's ability is or if it's something she has to intentionally use - if you're feeling like divulging any of that of course.
Oy vey, that's some serious blushing in that panel! :D

I'm rather enjoying their interaction, both in dialogue and in emotion from face and body language. It really does work pretty good.

I really like the second to last panel, because ... I once did that. XD